– I was due for a DC post, but Borepatch beat me to it.

– Isegoria follows up on my review of Joe McCarthy’s book.

– Circumcision may be recommended again.

– Sailer makes fun of economists.

– James makes fun of Yglesias and other economists.

Gold confiscation.


11 Responses to Randoms

  1. Borepatch says:

    I am wicked slippery that way.

  2. Defenses of circumcision never discuss the possibility of serious sensitivity loss.

  3. Nyk says:

    I believe in the benefits of circumcision just about as much as I believe I the Standard Social Science Model, i.e. not that much. It’s the kind of “science” that is produced only to appease the Jewish donors to the Universalist cause.

  4. spandrell says:

    I always thought that goldbugs were self-defeating. If gold becomes money there’s no way the government is going to let you keep the gold.

    • James James says:

      I wonder how they’ll confiscate bitcoin? I don’t really understand how the exchange/ownership system is supposed to be resiliant to DOS attacks and useful at the same time, so I can’t estimate how resiliant it will be.

      • James James says:

        The bitcoin method of creating scarcity is brilliant though: just define them so that there is a certain number!

        (You could just as easily define the bitcoins as the first hundred integers, but the “mining” thing is a brilliant way of bootstrapping the currency. It does mean that the price of a bitcoin is linked to the price of electricity, at first… hey, there’s an investment idea!)

      • spandrell says:

        Shutting down the servers?

      • James James says:

        They can shut down the exchange servers but these aren’t necessary: you can always deal directly with a counterparty. The most important part of the system, as I understand it, is the part whereby you and a counterparty announce a transaction to the world, so no one will accept a bitcoin from you that you have already spent and so isn’t yours to spend again. This is done using some distributed network, so there aren’t any central servers, but I don’t know the details so can’t comment further.

        The overall design must be pretty good, otherwise it would have been taken down already, either by a malicious attacker trying to destroy the currency, or a profit-seeker trying to steal other people’s money/create lots of money out of thin air/spend money twice.

      • asciilifeform says:

        > I wonder how they’ll confiscate bitcoin?

        That’s an easy one. By killing the unrestricted Internet.

        Consider the following scenario: It would be a trivial matter for our rulers to construct and mandate a replacement Internet where packets are only routed in one of two cases: if they originate from a “lordly” (read: official media organ) IP address, and are part of a message signed with the organization’s RSA key, or, if they originate from “prole” IPs (yours and mine,) they must be part of a public-key-encrypted reply to a message previously sent from a lordly IP. So no more “P2P” routing, period. (Except between lords.) And, needless to say, all IPs will be static, drawn from a 128-bit space, and uniquely bound to individual persons in some quite bureaucratic and tyrannical manner.

        You can be reasonably sure that the above is being designed and built as we speak.

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