Somebody’s been reading Steve Sailer.

– Tyler Cowen notes that Michael Blowhard is blogging again here (as Paleo Retiree).

– The most popular politician in DC (other than Obama) is a white woman.

– Inspector Gadget on diversity training for British cops, “we shouldn’t say ‘As sure as eggs is eggs’ in case it offends infertile women.”

Safe for democracy.

Criminals and college football.

Why we need a gold standard. More here:

But an agency that allocates credit to specific markets and institutions, or buys assets that expose taxpayers to risks, cannot stay independent of elected, and accountable, officials.

In addition, the Fed is now a gargantuan financial regulator. Its inspectors examine too-big-to-fail banks, come up with creative “stress tests” for them to pass, and haggle over thousands of pages of regulation. When we think of the Fed 10 years from now, on current trends, we’re likely to think of it as financial czar first, with monetary policy the boring backwater. . . .

when the time comes to raise interest rates, how can the Fed not consider that doing so will hurt the profits of the too-big-to-fail banks now under its protection?

I’ve been arguing for a while that if you want to understand the Fed, you need to take account of it’s mandate to regulate banks. Nice to see this point come up elsewhere.

Auster on Ayn Rand.

School discipline and race.

5 Responses to Randoms

  1. asdf says:

    I’ve read that quote before, and it doesn’t really answer the antagonists question. Yes, Rearden built something. But no, he didn’t built it entirely on his own. Is this in dispute?

    I guess you could say, “it’s not about whether its true, its being use to raise taxes.” However, why argue about the statement then. It’s true. That doesn’t mean taxes should go up. Seems obvious enough to me.

    Of course it’s not about what is true and what is false. It’s about status. It’s always about status.

    Bloody Shovel looked at this awhile back:


    I especially like the part about Ayn Rand being the teenage Jewish girl version of Nietzsche. Her 50 Shades of Grey + philosophy are amusing if a bit long.

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  3. Bill says:

    Heather MacDonald’s linked article, under “School discipline and race” is interesting. The Dept of Education has evidently decided to force school districts to try to equalize rates of discipline, gifted program enrollment, and AP course enrollment across races.

    This can only result in, first, dramatically higher standards of behavior for white students in mixed race schools, and, second, complete chaos in any mixed race school with significant NAM population. Thus, mixed race schools must become both worse for everyone (as chaos increases) and particularly worse for whites as they face both violence from NAMs and punitively racist discipline policies as schools try to increase the number of white students disciplined. Only segregated schools will be permitted to have sane discipline policies.

    This will significantly increase the incentives ice-people parents have to place their children in as near to 100% NAM-free schools as possible. Black students could potentially benefit from this segregation as well since they also benefit from having a proper school discipline policy. I wonder how the Dept of Education is going to respond to the inevitable intensification of school segregation in response to this initiative.

  4. PA says:

    What a great thing to see Michael Blowhard do his thing again. No blog ever filled the void of “Two Blowhards” though a quick skimming of that new blog hints of that being about to change.

    LOL, not sure those guys want our political traffic though… I’ll lurk for now…

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