Liberty or open borders

This blog hasn’t had anything to say about recent events in US politics.

Apparently, there’s an election going on and it’s of some consequence to people outside of DC and/or to those who don’t work for the government. Since it won’t effect my life at all and since I don’t consider myself too smart to watch football, I haven’t been paying attention. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people care.

I can’t resist a comment on the YouTube video/terrorist attack thing though.

It’s pretty funny that the dude who put the video up has been arrested. So much for free speech. Didn’t someone once write something about this phenomenon?

It’s also pretty funny that the President and all his men thought we would feel better about the attack if was the fault of a YouTube video. Everyone will love us as soon as we outlaw YouTube videos!

I want to talk about something else though. Certain people believe the US should not restrict immigration at all. In other words, said people would be fine with a couple hundred million Muslims, for example, moving to the US.

Lots of people have written about various findings which suggest that mixing populations is a bad idea. However, it’s pretty retarded to pretend that Islam isn’t a special case. As these riots have demonstrated (as if more demonstration was necessary), Islam is incompatible with certain freedoms, like freedom of speech and expression and religion.

Perhaps some of these freedoms are over-rated. Nevertheless, it’s very odd to claim that you like liberty and that you support a policy that’s totally incompatible with liberty.

I once had a long conversation with an “anarcho-communist” and was equally baffled.


9 Responses to Liberty or open borders

  1. Handle says:

    The problem with the argument is that your average open-borders immigrationist fervently believes there is something magically converting and transformative about coming to America and our ‘secret sauce’.

    “After all,” they might say, “there are already millions of Muslims in America, who would have as much reason to be offended and provoked as any of those raving lunatic jihadist maniacs overseas, but they didn’t riot here like those folks did over there. So when they come here, they do at least the minimum reconciliation between their religion and cultural heritage and our liberal, tolerant free society, sufficient at least to negate our worries about fundamental incompatibility. Maybe the same is untrue in Europe, but they’re just doing it wrong.”

    Perhaps there’s something to be said for this argument. Either American Muslims are different, or our society is able, one way or another, to effectively suppress these kinds of violent outbursts – which is itself, well, maybe not a “sign of health”, but however achieve, a capability to maintain basic order is better than its absence.

    • Foseti says:

      I agree that there may be something to the argument.

      However, assimilation takes time, a less well-sorted society, and a relatively small number of immigrants. American history is full long periods in which immigrants were excluded. Once another wave of immigrants was assimilated, the doors were opened (a bit) again. That model seems to work, but it’s not the open borders model.

      • josh says:

        The extent to which prior waves of immigration “worked” has been vastly overstated by the Cathedral.

      • rightsaidfred says:

        Yes, and even using the term “immigrant” I’m finding questionable. How about “pauper” or “vagabond”, if not just “ambulatory criminal”. “Immigrant” has a positive connotation that, less and less, fits the persons in question.

    • rightsaidfred says:

      There has been quite a bit of mischief by US Muslims. What’s the stats per capita of the different Muzzy populations?

      assimilation takes time, a less well-sorted society, and a relatively small number of immigrants.

      These are things we don’t have, and our era is marked by non-assimilation. We have a quasi – ersatz – pseudo colonization/conquering going on.

      The open borders crowd traffics in an idealized immigrant that constitutes maybe 5% of immigrants. Those of us not in their bubble have to suffer the other 95%.

  2. PA says:

    Assimilation works only when the host nation’s and the immigrant’s women are of similar attractiveness and accessibility on average.

    Blacks have been here since Jamestown and still haven’t assimilated.

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  4. Hail says:

    I am baffled that Obama’s policy (to cut a long story short) got an American ambassador killed and his mangled corpse dragged through the streets of a Libyan town — And somehow Mitt Romney was the ogre and bad guy in it all.

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