– I highly recommend not trying to figure out where the actual physical gold of the world is located. It’s really interesting, but it’s a long road that (as best I can tell) leads nowhere.

– Heartiste picked up on Whiskey’s thoughts that I linked to the other day. Here he is on white women voting. John Derbyshire summarized this discussion as well.

– Its Bostonians all the way down. I’m pretty sure there was a war once that assured us of this outcome . . .

Mormon and Amish fertility

– M.G. covers lots of ground

What the young man should know

– Ah yes, the Moldbug moment

7 Responses to Randoms

  1. anonymous says:

    this is what reaction looks like


    antifa start a fight, they lose, then get arrested and beaten by the cops and “asked that their names not be published, for fear of reprisals from the police or Golden Dawn”

    • isamu says:

      That’s fascism, not reaction. And I use the term fascism in a descriptive, not judgemental sense. As you see, fascist movements only work when you have the justice system on your side.

      • Jehu says:

        Reason is trumped by ridicule. Ridicule favors the side with control over media outlets and entertainment. Violence, however, trumps ridicule. It is in fact the only thing that trumps it.

        The anglosphere equivalent of sympathetic police forces is who…whom jury nullification. I.E. you encourage your hotheads and loose cannons to intimidate the other side, then use nullfication in the jury room to ensure they don’t get punished. This was a popular method in the leadup to the 1st Revolutionary War in the US.

      • josh says:

        “As you see, fascist movements only work when you have the justice system on your side.”


  2. Toddy Cat says:

    “this is what reaction looks like”

    And its beautiful. Probably won’t last, but still…

  3. fnn says:

    About a year ago three innocent bystanders were burned to death by Molotov Cocktail-throwing leftists.

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