– A few good posts on fertility and dysgenics.

– Economists apparently must believe in human neurological uniformity. Here’s my favorite part:

But the economists say that they have been misunderstood, and are merely using genetics as a proxy for other factors that can drive an economy, such as history and culture.

This is the same thing as saying, “we were using nature as a proxy for nurture,” right? More on this topic here and here.

– A dark enlightenment meeting

– John Derbyshire on the dark enlightenment

– Professor Cowen can’t believe how well things work in Seoul. Indeed, things work very well, but there were no Chalupas. Surely these facts are unrelated.

– So wait, if you win the Nobel Peace Prize do you now have to invade a random North African country?

This policy will – if anything – widen The Gap. I guess we know what’s really important.

Socialism pre-Marx in America.

– The poster child for feminism. In related news, it’s “unbelievably horrible” to tell women that they get less hot as they get older.

– It’s too bad there was no way to see this coming.

7 Responses to Randoms

  1. Hail says:

    Tyler Cowen, as a Multicultacrat, cannot understand that multi-racialism dramatically decreases trust. I presume he understands that trust forms an important part of making things ‘work well’, but he refuses to put his hand into -that- glove; maybe at this point he is unable.

    South Koreans trust each other. No one is physically afraid or humiliated to ride public transit.

    In the USA, otoh, most people are inclined to avoid public transit. Who wants to be the only White person on a bus full of 25 Nonwhites? Communities don’t fund it for the same reason: I understand Georgetown refused a subway stop in Washington DC, in the 1970s, because it would easily ferry-in Blacks for.

    Think of the great public transit systems that the USA could have, (given American wealth and ingenuity), if not for….this issue.

  2. Gilbert P says:

    I think Cowen should press the button labeled ‘enema’.

  3. Toddy cat says:

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Lewinski. As a great Russian once put it “Live not by lies…”

  4. SOBL1 says:

    Lewinsky had feminists defending Bubba and Monica both as it was considered uberfeminist for her to use her sexuality to get to the POTUS. Hamsters worked overtime to not notice it was a 50-something man in a position of power getting oral from a 20-something chubster, which they would have cried as rape or quasi-rape if he were a Dem.

    • Toddy cat says:

      Yes, anyone with any sense stopped taking feminism seriously after they defended Clinton. I mean, no one should have taken it seriously before, but after that, there was no excuse.

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