– I was unaware that Yglesias’ planned, dense, urban communities were allowed to be filled entirely with Koreans. I take back everything bad I ever said about them.

Looks like there’s an increase in violent crime this year. I always read the crime reports for my neighborhood. If my neighborhood is any indication, most of the assaults are committed by “juveniles.” All in all, it really shouldn’t be surprising that crime is increasing among those who are not punished for committing crimes. Someone on the neighborhood message board once suggested actually penalizing juvenile offenders and I’m pretty sure he was kicked out of town.

Introversion vs extraversion

– Chuck on race-based test score goals.

Only in DC does the presence of college students increase the percentage of Republicans.

17 Responses to Randoms

  1. C.R. says:

    Thanks for the link.

    As to the crime rate, I think we all sensed last year that assaults were on the rise.

    Also, anyone who is on Twitter should follow @DCAlerts. It’s a crime alert Twitter feed for the D.C. area. Spot the pattern.

  2. jamesd127 says:

    If events reported in the blogs are any guide, assaults are on the rise because of rising anti white racism sparked by the Obama presidency. Of course this may well be selective reporting, but it is the reporting we have. Since the MSM averts its eyes completely, the only people that speak the truth have the opposite bias.

    Your little joke about dense urban communities implies, of course, that Yglesias intends them to be “vibrant” – which is to say, full of gimmedats: Sluts, blacks, mestizos, and fatherless children.

  3. Billy Chav says:

    The SWPL sub-elite in the gentrifying urban neighborhoods are the shrillest and most irrational defenders of the rights of “juveniles” to commit whatever depredations they’re inspired to commit on any given occasion. I spent five years among them, and to my mind the best comparison is with victims of Stockholm Syndrome. They appear to revere their tormentors. Truly bizarre and depressing, but also nearly universal amongst this class.

    • One would expect the leading edge of gentrification to have a high tolerance for “juveniles” – otherwise they would be heading in the other direction.

      But the police in San Francisco seem to lock up “juveniles” without hesitation, so perhaps the gentrifiers speak out of both sides of their mouths.

  4. Five Daarstens says:

    Off Topic: New Mencius Moldbug video:

    • anonymous says:

      He is almost unbearable to listen to. His writing sounds so strong and powerful. I figured he was somewhat aspergery but jeez. Son I am disappoint.

  5. josh says:

    What is the WWII book? 14:40?

  6. SOBL1 says:

    So the gentrification of DC hasnt pushed it at all towards the right? I’d think after a decade of gentrification, there might be a possible slide rightward of an insignificant amount.

    • Foseti says:

      You can express certain right-ish opinions in certain ways. For example, it’s totally acceptable to complain about the schools.

    • DC is full of rich people who suck on the tit of the state, so tend to be further left than blacks, some of whom have been known to actually work for a living.

      • SOBL1 says:

        Thanks for both replies. I would have thought there might be a silent code for voting in order to block a Marion Barry style new mayor. The worry of banishment must be higher in DC due to power archipelago worries. The DC gentrification is prob different in nature than the NYC version due to primary economic engine. I am used to NYC gentry.

      • Foseti says:

        There are definitely some forces at work to keep out Barry-style types. Including pushing most of the very-ghetto people into relatively isolated areas of the city.

      • asdf says:

        DC is a miserable place. Keeping with the ballpark analogies going lately Nationals park is a perfect analogy for DC. It is kinduv impressive and checks off all the right boxes, but ultimately its a very grey, mechanical, soulless building. People go there feeling like they should have fun, but its always just at the surface. Like you’re going through the motions.

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