Back to Blood

Steve Sailer is excited about Tom Wolfe’s new book. So am I.

Here’s the part in the prologue that explains what the title means:

A phrase pops into his head from out of nowhere. “Everybody . . . all of them . . . it’s back to blood! Religion is dying . . . but everybody still has to believe in something. It would be intolerable – you couldn’t stand it – to finally have to say to yourself, ‘Why keep pretending? I’m nothing but a random atom inside a supercollider known as the universe.’ But believing in by definition means blindly, irrationally, doesn’t it. So, my people, that leaves only our blood, the bloodlines that course through our very bodies, to unite us. ‘La Raza!‘ as the Puerto Ricans cry out. ‘The Race!‘ cries the whole world. All people, all people everywhere, have but one last thing on their minds – Back to blood!” All people, everywhere, you have no choice but – Back to blood!

Maybe the last half of the book will be about a bunch of middle-aged white Economics professors from an nice exurban university that visit Miami for a conference and enjoy chalupas available at low, low prices . . . but I doubt it.

3 Responses to Back to Blood

  1. RS-prime says:

    Tom Wolfe please report to the principal’s office

  2. James says:

    Just ordered it. Good old Tom Wolfe, he’s this and the last two generations’ Mencken.

    What I find alarming about American diversity is that it is high-entropy. Instead of well-defined negro, Amerindian and WASP populations, there are WASPs grading into 300 shades of wog.

    The passage quoted by Sailer evokes another pointless status arms race, which could develop in the near future: lack of racial stigmata. WASP ancestry might become a precious, scarce commodity, with the middle classes frantically peddling to evade racial mystery-meat traits, and the masses mired in racial entropy. In 50 years, who is to know if this or that potential low-IQ spouse is 1/8 Malaysian, or 1/4 Puerto Rican? Try for a Polish wife, or settle for Italian?

    BBC special: mixed-race America—we journey across the US and take a look at its new face. [Cut to smug-looking WASP family] “We have traced all our ancestry to Britain and the Netherlands. But the local public school has children with one Indian and one white parent, Korean children, Haitian children, and lots who don’t know for certain. It’s a real melting pot!” Most Americans are happy to live in the new, post-racial era. But some mixed-race children and their families have found it difficult to form an identity…[Cut to smug-looking WASP or Jewish professor talking about social problems faced by mixed-race Americans, and how it is all due to the legacy of racism].

    The alternative, as usual, is to allow common people to exercise their legal rights to discriminate as they see fit. Then, to pump out racial entropy it is only necessary for concerned citizens to fund an ancestry-checking institute, and to exclude those of unsuitable ancestry from their homeowners’ organisations, gated communities and civil institutions.

    I mean, there’s no need for clearly-defined WASP or other desirable ancestry to seem precious or endangered, or to be a status symbol, just as there’s no need for well-behaved children, stable marriages, steady jobs and desirable schools to be a preserve of the élite. In sane circumstances, these are all comfortably within the reach of the humblest person. But it seems to me that America might be headed that way.

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