– Frost started a discussion group. I’ve had conversations with a couple people about starting something similar. If anyone in the DC area is interested, send me an email.

How hipsters react to catastrophe.

– Joel Kotkin has discovered The Cathedral (HT).

– Interesting article on Asian immigrants in the WSJ. It specifically discusses the threat that Asians pose to Jews, which is noteworthy.

Austerity logic.

Free speech in the US (HT)

– Tino on Somali immigrants.

– James G on Putin.


14 Responses to Randoms

  1. zimriel says:

    Tino has disappeared his comment on the Somalis.

  2. josh says:

    I’d say you an email if I had any idea how.

  3. josh says:

    This is the one I actually check.

  4. Brad says:

    I’ve been a lurker on this site for a little while. I’m in the DC area (Arlington) and would be interested.

  5. dave says:

    Count me in for DC discussion. Good email in my comment.

  6. KK says:

    An American friend of mine likes to joke that us Scandinavians and Somalis are tied together with some cruel cosmic bond. I hear they’re big news in Minnesota and they’re one of the most prominent refugee groups this side of Atlantic as well.

    Tino (a Kurd living in Sweden himself if I remember correctly) is an economist and examines issues primarily through an economical lens. It’s comical that Somalis are found wanting even on purely right-liberal economic reading of a government report that’s certainly tipped the scales in favor of Somalis as much as possible.

    Roissy recently linked to a snippet which noted that there is no “mainstream economic model that accounts for Robert Putnam’s findings that racial and ethnic diversity reduces intergroup and intragroup trust”. I have no trouble believing that to be true, which means that when you add the anti-social spillover effects that result from immigration to the already ‘at odds with advanced civilization’ character of Somalis, importing them anywhere is pure lunacy, but that’s not news to anyone here.

    There is a potential upside to this, though. I have a theory that immigration numbers here in Finland have stayed comparatively low for three reasons. First, we started large scale refugee programs late, around the time when Soviet Union crashed. Second, we’re quite prickly, stand-offish and unfriendly people living in a miserable climate, as the British guy from your last link post thankfully noted. Third, we started our immigration programs with… *drumroll* Somalis! The most incompatible ethnic group you can imagine for this environment. The integration liturgy from the professional do-gooders started to ring hollow very quickly.

    Didn’t seem to stop the Swedes from trying, though.

  7. buckethead says:

    I’d be interested as well. Be good to hang out again.

  8. Handle says:

    You know I’m down for a meet-up when I get to Maryland in 13 weeks. Hell, assuming I get a home with enough space, I’d be willing to host one.

  9. samsonsjawbone says:

    Frost started a discussion group.

    This is awesome, by the way, and has to happen if anything is to ever happen, if you follow me.

  10. […] administration it could get seriously entertaining …but then we’d miss the classic version of Cathedral II (Return of the Clerisy), replaced by a strange re-make. Voters need to choose their flavor of […]

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