The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society)

The first issue of the newsletter here (pdf).


26 Responses to The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society)

  1. Federico says:

    Why is it called Radish? Shouldn’t that be the name of a vegetable garden magazine?

    Shouldn’t the reactionary club be the last entity to be youth-worshipping—let alone student-based?

    Why prejudge the issue by declaring yourself “Students Against a Democratic Society”? Democracy is a big concept, and some aspects of it might be worth saving.

    Finally, what’s so special about Thomas Carlyle—that you would name a society after him—apart from the fact that one Mencius Moldbug is a fan? Have the authors thought this through?

    I would plump for Magma: The Reaction Club for Concerned Citizens. And I would solicit articles from the likes of Moldbug, Nick Land and Steve Sailer. This would make it aspirational. Articles from lesser lights, only if they are on their A-game.

    Good luck anyway, whoever thou art.

    • josh says:

      I just hope the guy writes in an appropriate voice and doesn’t do a bad moldbug impression.

      • Federico says:

        I prefer a bad Moldbug impression to a good Stormfront impression (general forum, with added non sequitur Thomas Carlyle).

        Radish, your comments are enlightening.

      • josh says:

        No. That was the bad moldbug impression I was talking about. He thinks he’s being clever, but he’s just being a modern 20 year old.

        Kid, I kind of liked your layout; very professional, but try not to sound like a Yippie. We are supposed to be the ones that take ourselves seriously.

    • Radish says:

      I appreciate the feedback and believe I can clear up some of these:

      The name is Radish because radishes are delicious and remind me of both racists and fascists, two of my favorite things. Besides actual radishes.

      We had to be “young” reactionaries because there are so many reactionaries out there, I thought it was time the young ones got a special club of their own. And we are all students… of *history*! Even if most of us failed out of junior high.

      Thomas Carlyle is just the name of our mascot, a keel-billed toucan we’ve trained to disembowel Jacobins. I didn’t know he was a writer or anything. So you are quite right: I did not think it through.


      also thanks foseti, we’re all fans

      • spandrell says:

        Radishes are delicious?

      • Firepower says:

        Radish gets
        To The ROOT
        of the problem

        No radical, he/she
        for droll
        Is demanded of such soothsayerings

      • I can’t stop laughing at the name long enough to read the stinking newsletter.

        “The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society)” sounds a bit like the Young Communist League, or as Foseti points out, Students for a Democratic Society, permutations of which exist on every college campus in the Cathedral.

        I propose they change it to “The Uncle Carlyle Club for Grumpy Old Farts (And Those Well On Their Way).”

        You’d call a member a “Carlyle’s Nephew” (fuck equal gender representation), and two members would greet each other as “cousins Carlyle”.

        And they’d have day trips where they go to Rhodesia and shoot elephants with Mannlicher Carcanos and recite Kipling from memory.

        Hell, at that point, I’d join.

        -Reposted here so Radish sees it.

    • Foseti says:

      I’ll give a shot at seriously answering these questions.

      Named after Carlyle, because Carlyle was right. He was right – a long time ago – about what sorts of things would go wrong and why they would go wrong. His writing is also wonderful. Like him or not, his style in fantastic.

      I too am suspicious of student movements. However, SADS is a good acronym. And, it puts us on the right side of things (pun intended).

      I have no idea why radish.

      • peter horne says:

        Radish comes from the latin meaning root, which is also the source of the word radical. That could be it.Maybe.

  2. dearieme says:

    “what’s so special about Thomas Carlyle”: my dear sir, I own his smoking cap, that is what is so special about him.

    • Callowman says:

      How does it smell?

      • dearieme says:

        Dunno, it’s been locked away for thirty years. I once lent it to a bloke who was writing a PhD on Carlyle but who had developed writer’s block. And it worked! I’ve believed in the placebo effect ever since.

  3. That’s seriously the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. And it was an entertaining week.

  4. comrade says:

    Needs 20% less unamusement park.

  5. Handle says:

    New Moldbug, Christians have a right to vandalize abortion clinics, Duke law professor claims.

    In other news – might makes right. I do have to agree with one of the commentators though – an epidemic of refusenik jury nullification (you only need one!) would bring the existing system to its knees.

    One wonders what would happen if that phenomenon actually existed with ethnic solidarity frequently trumping the efforts of the criminal justice and law enforcement systems. Thankfully – that kind of thing only happened in Singapore once upon a time. But actually …

  6. Do not fight the people. They are a power awakening to their situation. Which is they are not sovereign, they do not rule, their Rulers are the worst Ruling Class ever, and their Constitution “Dead Parchment”.

    Consider given recent events and the passions aroused by them that Hamilton’s “Great Beast” is awakening to it’s plight? Some can’t stand the idea [democracy, The Republic] however…the reboot has gotten closer. Do consider that the Progs stand astride the world because they had Jacksonian America [Mead, and he’s correct] doing their fighting for them, and now The Worst Ruling Class Ever has not only offered endless insult but is clumsily demanding their arms?

    Now it doesn’t matter for this question what you think of them. [I don’t think you know them in any case]. It matters the Beast is awake and angry.

    For 50 years the people had Liberty, for the next 100 they had Sovereignty as well, the New Deal took away Sovereignty and they were only dimly aware. For the last 50 years their Liberties have been eroded. Now these ruined, arrogant effete fools demand they disarm. They also have noticed Constitutional Lawyers such as Louis Seidman feel it’s time to drop the mask.

    It’s likely democracy would have come to ruin. But it was not democracy that ruined us, the people have not been sovereign since the New Deal.

    Again I point out it’s one thing to have Jacksonian America conquering for you, it’s another to have it first suspicious and then enraged at you.

  7. Again – it doesn’t matter for the Great question confronting us what you think of The People. It matters the Beast is awake and angry.

  8. I would trade out the spoils system of yesterdays democracy for the spoils system for Universities we have today instantly.

  9. SOBL1 says:

    Foseti – Did you see Joel Kotkin’s article on the new clerisy that is a power elite? It read an awful lot like a sanitized and concise Moldbug description of who is calling the shots and how it is centered on the information economy. If moldbug’s ideas could be clear and concise it would have an effect with mainstream people. I’d say the law school facult bloggers have a minor grasp on the diea and see some of the work in action, but they don’t push the cathedral idea.

  10. Oh the people have plenty of FIREPOWER. Fox isn’t there to move the masses, it’s to report News and provide Commentary for the masses not being served by MSM. That’s their business.

    Not too much on the problem solving are we? Unseat the unfit rider then worry about paradise after.

    Also the “Stupid” are >> Obamaphone.

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