– Because without this, is there really any freedom? The only thing dumber is Reason denying that ethnic groups vote for similar candidates. If you’d like more on immigration, don’t miss Mangan and Chuck (and maybe this one and this one).

– Back when Rhodesia was blockaded, they established a fund to repay their creditors who were unable to collect payments during the blockade (yes, they honored their debts to those who were blockading them). Now, Zimbabwe only has a couple hundred dollars. No doubt foreign aid will follow, and perhaps it should, after all our countries created Zimbabwe. More Zimbabwe news here. Derb’s take here.

Fact of the day: “Of the 2013 Top Ten of the countries with the greatest freedom of the press eight are Monarchies.”

Here: “The tense quarrels over who has the people on their side has to be one of the most ludicrous aspects of democracy.” That’s not an aspect of democracy, it is democracy (of course, it is ludicrous).

Heartiste on Houellebecq.

– Thoughts on the Weather Undegrounds.

– Jewamongyou reviews “Future Human Evolution.”

– “This is the world you desired.”

– There are about fifteen factual inaccuracies in this post (for example, no regulator has ever ordered a bank to hire consultants and the staffing at the banking regulatory agencies has increased significantly since the crisis), but I whole-heartedly endorse it’s conclusions. We don’t just need more bank regulators, we need to pay them better too.

On transfer payments.

– Cheers to this guy.

Progressives hate when people compare governments to households. As best as I can figure it out, they believe that at some unspecified inflection point, “governments” can borrow lots (though perhaps not unlimited?) amounts of money. If you think of governments as households with relatives who will lend them infinite amounts of money, I think the analogy still holds.

Suck it, shorty.

11 Responses to Randoms

  1. Handle says:

    Technical Note: Turn on NoScript and you’ll see that Business Insider is perhaps one of the worst java cross-linking sites on the web, loading content and sharing browsing information with a dozen other sites. Oh well, I judge that they play a net positive role, and they’ve got to pay their bills somehow, which if you don’t, and the powers that be don’t like you, then goodbye.

    Now, as you know, I hate even the appearance of agreeing with the Adversary on anything, but it is true that for economic and budget analysis the “household” analogy can be inappropriate. A better analogy would be to a “business”, of mega-corporate size. When things are going badly for your company it’s not always the right answer to hunker down. But even then, supreme sovereignty and power over currency are simply sui generis additional elements .

    That being said, analogies don’t have to be perfect all the time, especially if they’re about trying to explain complex phenomena in terms of familiar models an audience already understands. Technically it’s always “wrong” to use the language of classical mechanics to describe anything, but it’s good enough and we don’t always need to resort to the subtleties of relativistic quantum field theory to describe what happens in a car crash to normal folks.

    If it’s all “targeting the particular and feasible fiscal, deficit, and inflation pathways to optimize the expected present value of future real production versus the counterfactuals given the assumptions of various simulated DSGE models of the macroeconomy, (many of which yield eventual insolvency under current conditions and trends)” as opposed to “we’re spending-with-debt addicts and we probably need to tighten our belts soon if we don’t want to end up like Greece” then people will just tune out, their heads spinning.

    I mean, you could indeed insist on that if what you really wanted to emphasize was that all understanding of the field is utterly beyond the grasp of all but a tiny elite, to whom management should be entrusted, and in whom the masses should just place their worshipful, loving faith and blind obedience. The country’s in the very best of hands. That’s a decent ESS to maintain power.

  2. spandrell says:

    With monarchies like Norway who needs Republics?

  3. All Hail Rubio!! Not. He can’t deliver the Hispanic Vote. He can deliver the Cuban vote. Well so can the Bushes.

    Our actual immigration policy is our government has lost confidence in it’s people and has decided to elect another. DREAM? Indeed.

    Que no se sabe cuando se burlaban de? POTENCIA.

    There is absolutely no reason for our Rulers to want illegal immigrants to be anything…but illegal. POTENCIA. Millions walk our streets at the mercy of the Prince [the executive]. Living in fear of the hand of La Migra. Since they were bought here to increase the Ruling Classes POWER, why on earth would they be given citizenship? Voting? To begin we are not democratically ruled, to continue not a citizen is no actual bar to voting. Why would they give up that power over the undocumentos? The Ruling classes would not only be giving up the whip hand, they might be duplicating the same problem with the current people – lack of servility. It’s not an accident that Bammu has had the most deportations since Eisenhower, he was the Patron reminding them who the jefe was, and of course getting out the vote the old fashioned way. FEAR.
    Why the undocumentos are perfect as they are, and they’re hostages to make sure the documentos vote the right way.

    So DREAM on…it’s not going to happen.

  4. asdf says:

    “We don’t just need more bank regulators, we need to pay them better too.”

    Is this an intellectual endorsement or a tounge in cheek way of saying you want a raise?

  5. dearieme says:

    “Of the 2013 Top Ten of the countries with the greatest freedom of the press eight are Monarchies.” Does that include the USA with its elective monarchy?

  6. dearieme says:

    “Freedom of the Press, best protected by a Crown”: I once came across a 50s children’s book, translated from the Danish. The author had unselfconsciously explained to the kiddywinkies that the most satisfactory countries were constitutional monarchies. I suspect that but for the USA and Switzerland she might have said that the only satisfactory countries were constitutional monarchies.

    • sardonic_sob says:

      While this is far from constitutional monarchy, I have always thought that one of Moldbug’s best lines was that in a really efficient state, the state would not try to control what its residents thought because it would not care what they thought, only what they did. And so long as what they did included paying taxes and leaving other people alone, they wouldn’t care much about the rest of that either.

  7. Federico says:

    Why do all the chicks “like” Foseti’s blog? Even crazy cat women don’t visit mine.

    Anyway, there’s a Freudian moment in that Reason article.

    The shame here for actual policy (and the millions of lives such policy impacts), is that National Review is otherwise right (and Obama wrong) that “piecemeal reform” is preferable to “comprehensive” legislative goliaths on such a difficult and politically charged issue. Any comprehensive package would likely speed us further toward national ID cards, even bigger deportation numbers, even more law enforcement on the border, and even more Washington-managed bureaucracies for human movement and employment. Few if any of these measures would be net positives for either freedom or basic rationality. And all would be bitterly contested.

    Even more law enforcement! What a disaster.

    I do appreciate the anarcho-tyrannical element that these writers complain about. The government is “incapable”, or chooses not to prevent arbitrary mass immigration of Helots, yet simultaneously its immigration policy is oppressive. People at the summit of the tech world complain that start-up founders who graduated in America, i.e. top-notch prospective immigrants, struggle even to get a temporary visa to work there, which is absurd given the situation.

  8. Woodrow says:

    This design is steller! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.
    ..HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

    Too cool!

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