Progress in Afghanistan

– Charles Murray’s next book.

– The red pill for women.

– The sociology of dysgenia.

Everyone’s talking about pitbulls. I think Paleo Retiree started it. I know a fair number of SWPLs and hipsters that own pitbulls. I’d always they bought them because they lived in the sort of neighborhood where, if you wanted to go for a run after work, you’d need some kind of protection. I guess I was way off.

Indeed: “I can handle economic degradation, social atomization, and other general shenanigans so long as I’ve got a solid buzz. Once the man starts messing with that, then we have issues.”

Gays and gentrification. Not only do gays revitalize blighted neighborhoods, which is a social good, but it’s also quite entertaining to watch the interaction between gays in such neighborhoods and the local residents.

– I did have a nice dinner with Aretae.

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  1. redpillwifey says:

    Thanks for the linkage 🙂

  2. Steve Sailer says:

    When I lived in Chicago, blacks typically owned German Shepherds, which was a sensible choice.

    Here’s Malcolm Gladwell on the societal curse of prejudice against pitbulls:


  3. […] is insane, and this seems in the same ballpark, but it’s not the same idea. Worth a thought. Foseti’s observations about the effects of gays on urban neighborhoods make a lot of sense to me, based on […]

  4. The pitbull is a gentle enough dog if not taught to be vicious. It is, by vicious people. Let the truth fall where it may…

    some of whom I’ll wager will regret their public and now well known penchant for dog fighting and cruelty to animals more than they’ll regret 100 riots or 10,000 murders…

    • Foseti says:

      My wife’s aunt is a vet. She’s always had pitbulls and they’ve always been great dogs.

      She claims they’re nearly perfect reflections of their owners. In my experience, that’s absolutely correct.

      • Handle says:

        This is my experience as well. Women especially have a special affinity for “gentle giant” pit-bulls, normally loving but able to be occasionally protective and vicious when mama is threatened. There’s … something … game-esque about it. And when towns do pit-bull bans, it’s these women who go utterly hysterical.

      • anonymous says:

        So, maybe SWPLs like owning pit bulls because they think it proves the blank slate theory correct.

  5. fnn says:

    I know two middle aged white guys who had pits- the two dogs were related -and were suddenly attacked after the dogs had been fine for years. Some small pct of pits have been selectively bred for “gameness”-i.e., psychotic behavior, what POS Vick was selecting for-so there’ s always the possibility that a dog from such a line will become suddenly and inexplicably aggressive.

    Pits from “catch dog” hog hunting lines are probably nearly 100% safe since they work in close contact with the trailing hounds and human handlers.

    Anyway, if Pits were banned dog fighters would just switch to breeds with a reputation for being dog aggressive- like Ridgebacks.

  6. **Bring the jobs back to America. ** No it’s not the same but cheaper, it sucks and will continue to suck. It’s cheaper because it sucks. For instance currently somewhere in cheap wages-stan The James Watt exchange has no power, and no estimated time of repairs, and not much in the way of details. manana. y manana. Lo Chupa. And it will tomorrow too.

  7. SOBL1 says:

    The black to gay transition that happens in many gay gentrification changes is great to disprove many lefty arguments. Crime magically drops when gays go in, and it’s not like police presence increases after the gaytrification.

  8. RS says:

    I wouldn’t own or create any homozygous animal, unless I really desired the traits of the breed a heck of a lot. I guess I don’t actually know that mutts are more vigorous, just tend to suspect.

  9. […] The sociology of dysgenia – “Eugenics is a great idea, and perhaps it’s not as complex as I make it to be here. But the fact remains that for all we speculate, we know very, very little about it.” – from spandrell. via foseti. […]

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