Nick Land and Spandrell have more thoughts on what to do.

– On not having kids.

– On Christopher Lasch: “Lasch argued that today’s liberal elites have ‘the vices of the aristocracy without its virtues’.”

– Auster on anarcho-tyranny.

Radish has changed formats, but is still awesome.

– Sailer has the best graph on the 2012 election that I’ve seen (by far).

– Our society serves old people. My favorite example of this is at the airport. My wife and I are waiting in the security line with a toddler and an infant, while a old person (who, once standing, seems perfectly capable of walking) is wheeled to the front of the line. The old man essentially bypasses security (no doubt due to some metallic implant that we’ve paid for), while TSA wrenches the toddler’s blanket from him despite his cries.

– American flight attendants in the ’60s (same holds for Western European ones).


8 Responses to Randoms

  1. spandrell says:

    I was tempted to throw some expletive, Gran Torino style, but I’ll just say thanks.

    The only way to get women to breed is of course to shame them if they don’t. Ostracism. Making “What? You don’t have kids??” the equivalent of voting Republican in NYC.
    I wonder what kind of campaign would be needed.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    Comment by the RooshVforum poster after the punchline pic (a current air hostess):

    “Man have times changed! With the exception of the racist bullshit, America hit it’s peak in the 60s. Without a doubt. ”


  3. Tarl says:

    Last time I went through airport security, I watched with cynical amusement as the gave the doddering old geezer the intensive patdown treatment, while this hulking dude (looked Islamic, had dusky skin and a big beard) was waved right on through.

    But thank God TSA isn’t racist! Especially the Nigerian TSA crew at Dulles (or whatever the hell they are, I never see a white English-speaking American working there).

  4. Ed says:

    Lasch is an amazing thinker, perhaps best thought of as an ex-leftist going reactionary he can conjure up paragraphs such as this:
    “By the late seventies and early eighties, I no longer had much confidence either in the accuracy of this bird’s-eye view of America or in the progressive view of the future with which it was so closely associated. “Middle Americans” had good reason, it seemed to me, to worry about the family and about the future their children were going to inherit. My study of the family suggested a broader conclusion: that the capacity for loyalty is stretched too thin when it tries to attach itself to the hypothetical solidarity of the whole human race. It needs to attach itself to specific people and places, not to an abstract ideal of universal human rights. We love particular men and that men and women are all the same, cannot survive the discovery that they differ. Love, on the other hand—flesh—and—blood love, as opposed to a vague, watery humanitarianism—is attracted to complementary differences, not to sameness. A feminist, protesting against the excessive attention paid to sexual differences, urges people to enlarge their “narrow views of men and women,” adding that whereas “our biological differences are self-evident, our human similarities are exciting.” On the contrary, it is our biological differences that excite us. That progressive men and women have lost sight of this obvious point suggests that they are dangerously out of touch not just with “Middle America” but with common sense.”

  5. Samson J. says:

    Our society serves old people.

    I’m okay with this. Really, I had the idea that ours was a society lacking in respect for age and wisdom. Anyway, I’ve never received anything but wildly fantastic treatment at the airport when traveling with toddlers!

  6. The flight attendants phenomenon is easy to explain:

    All those formerly hot, young thangs in the AFA are now dowagers with seniority. To the extent they have to let somebody else up the ladder, it’s not going to be some young hottie.

    Also, airline pilot is no longer a prestige occupation so attractive women go trolling elsewhere.

  7. VXXC says:

    Democracy is the answer to our central problem. Our Ruling Class.
    Actual democracy, ala 1789…
    Many here consider it dangerous…a great beast.
    That’s the point.

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