<drunken rant

Sometimes, I think I’m crazy.

After all, we live the era of diversity fanaticism.  Yet, no matter how hard I try, I seem be unable to bask in the warm, healing, and all-powerful glow of diversity.

But, just when I think I’m losing it, I come across something that is so dumb and so obviously contradicted by “accepted wisdom” that I’m saved.  I know that I’m not crazy.

Here are a couple facts that all right-thinking people know:

1) There is a big “wealth gap” across races.  (The God damn Huffington Post has two separate tags for it – or three?).

If you’re too lazy to click the first link (and please, don’t click the others), the average white person has a net worth of about $113k, while the average Hispanic person and black person has a net worth of about $6k.

2) If you buy a house, the size of your down-payment matters.  You’re much more likely to default if you put virtually nothing down than if you actually have some equity in the house (after closing costs and Realtor’s fees).

If you know these two facts (or rather if you know the first (which all Good People know) and can intuit the latter (which is fscking obvious)), it’s not exactly a huge leap of logic to conclude that a huge increase in the rate of minorities buying houses just might, might lead to more defaults.

So, what happens if someone draws this conclusion?  They get shamed.  That’s right, basic logic is fscking shameful.  Behold, the warm glow of diversity.

(Ironically, it’s possible that no one (in these circles) was non-retarded enough to actually draw the obvious conclusion.  Instead, in an effort to satiate the ever-hungry God of diversity, the paper may just have hired a minority to design its cover.  The Gods, apparently, will not be mocked – they mock themselves).

History is full of people who persecute those who discover truth.  It’s less full (though full nonetheless) of people who attempt to deny and shame those who tell obvious truths.  Say what you will about those who persecuted Galileo, but it’s considerably harder to demonstrate that the Earth revolves around the Sun than it is to demonstrate that people without any money “buying” houses might increase defaults.

I’m not a hateful guy, nor do I get worked up about much.  But I do hate hostility to the truth.

Or maybe, it’s just the booze talking.

</drunken rant>


13 Responses to <drunken rant

  1. jamesd127 says:

    I am pretty sure that the minority artist was, like Chris Rock before he became famous, consciously speaking the notorious, but unspeakable, truth.

  2. “There are no contradictions. Check your premises.” Ayn Rand

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, what is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes

    Everything about the system is perfectly rational and makes perfect sense.

  3. PA says:

    “I’m not a hateful guy”

    Never, ever write like that, fun rant notwithstanding. Such disclaimers immediately invalidate everything you just said or are about to say, they throw your allies-in-truth under the bus, and they grant moral superiority to your adversaries.

    • Furthermore it’s a lie. He qualifies this statement by saying he hates hostility towards the truth. Since our society is based pretty much 100% on lies- rather obvious and bald-faced lies at that- and is deeply hostile to the truth, Foseti necessarily hates most of modern society.

      Which is not wrong or bad. Hating things that are bad is a normal and healthy emotion. But leftism is based on binds, so it creates many things to hate and then prohibits hating them.

  4. Comrade says:

    The “ever hungry god of diversity” will NEVER be satiated. This aspect of the diversity racket hasn’t been discussed enough.

  5. […] about this post, Foseti took a break from his cool intellectual analysis of the passing scene to vent his anger, frustration, and confusion at what he sees, apparently after a couple glasses of whatever six-figure federal bureaucrats drink after a hard […]

  6. My theory is that the Bloomberg cover was a way to communicate this message to other elites without quite coming out and saying it. If you sent out an email from your work account saying, basically, “Too many minorities are buying houses, this is going to end badly, stop this right now”, you’ll be branded as Hitler 2.0. But one week of “Omg das racist” internet controversy isn’t going to close down Bloomberg Business Week, and all you have to do is fake apologize for it.

  7. Handle says:

    You even wonder why you don’t fit in with the majority of your progressive peers? Or even your “conservative” ones? What set you apart; what placed you upon a different path?

  8. […] the pieces together results in shame. Related: Liberal champions of white […]

  9. VXXC says:

    Don’t forget to mention you don’t hate.

    On a side note it’s worth destroying civilization and literacy itself if it ends apologizing to creatures such as Ygelsias. Perhaps that’s what drove the Vandals….and certainly the most effete Roman or Greeks were pillars of manhood next to what infests DC…

  10. […] bonus bonus: foseti’s drunken rant – i love drunken rants! (~_^) (this one actually makes […]

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