– Moldbug returns to, what he’s previously described as, the dire problem.  From the former, a few selections.  On the process of calculating GDP:

For example: how much more fun of a computer is an iPad than an Apple II?  Is it 37.6 times more fun?  Or 198.2 times more fun?  Or even 547.9?  It would seem clear, to anyone not a blithering idiot, that any process which claims to be able to derive any such number is retarded at best and may well constitute felony math abuse.

Not at all!  The Bureau of Labor Statistics is, in fact, in possession of exactly this figure.  Here’s how they do it.  Since Apple was selling computers continuously from Apple II to iPad, we can look at the period when both the Apple II and Apple III were on sale, divide the list price of the Apple III by the Apple II; later, the Mac 512K by the Apple III, and so on until we reach the iPad.  This process is called hedonic regression.  It is thoroughly official – approved of by both Harvard and the US Government.  So who’s the blithering idiot now?

And on the dire problem (i.e. the problem that society contains some people who consume more than they produce and the number of these people will increase as technology increases):

We move on to Solution B [i.e. welfare – paying such people not to work], which I think is the solution most people believe in. . . .

The problem with Solution B is that we’ve already tried it, quite extensively.  You see Solution B every time you go to the grocery store.  Next to the button marked “Debit/Credit” is one marked “EBT.”  Ever pressed that one?  Even just by mistake?  It’s the Solution B button.  America has entire cities that have moved beyond anti-hedonic labor disutility and entered the gleaming future of Solution B.  One of them is called “Detroit.”

Solution B is not the culmination of human civilization, it turns out, but its destruction.  Even in terms of mere Pig-Philosophy, it is destructive, because it ruins a human asset.  If we appraise humans as robots, we see that this is a special kind of robot: it rusts up if not continually operating.  As beasts, we are beasts who evolved to work.  Our species achieved world domination as a result of our capacity for work.  To feed and entertain a human being, without requiring productive effort or at least some simulation of it, is in the end just a way to destroy him . . .

– Speaking of Detroit, I could have done the work of the “state-appointed review team” for free and in 2 seconds: “But recent findings from a state-appointed review team and interviews with past and present city officials also suggest a city that over the years was remarkably badly run.”  Detroit is now a monument to the failings of democracy.  What’s gone wrong there is that the people of the city were allowed to elect their leaders – the poor souls never had a chance.

I’d always assumed that progressives needed to believe that evolution happened super slowly.  So slowly, in fact, that groups with different appearances had identical intellectual abilities.  Apparently that’s not the case.

Anomaly UK: “when the chips are down, I want to be surrounded by people who have a positive pre-rational subconscious reaction towards me, not a negative one.”

– Mangan digs up an example of anarcho-tyranny.  I think that story is a better of example of how retarded Steven Pinker is for thinking that violence is on the decline.  In the old days, those two criminals would have been killed for their previous crimes.  Now, one guy is dead.  By my calculation violence has increased.  By Pinker’s calculation violence has decreased.

Prenups are now worthless.

Quoting actual Islamic dudes is now extreme anti-Islam.

Betas are totally beta.


– Google is killing Reader, which means I will finally be able to completely sever ties with Google.  They (of course) lie and claim that it’s because no one’s using it.  Here’s how to move all your feeds and saved items.  Here’s alternatives (I’d recommend waiting a couple months to see how it shakes out on multiple fronts) and here’s another list.

14 Responses to Randoms

  1. dearieme says:

    Re prenups: an English jury has recently decided against a “marital coercion” defence in a criminal trial.

  2. Full-Fledged Fiasco says:

    “By my calculation violence has increased. By Pinker’s calculation violence has decreased.”

    Fun with Statistics.

  3. VXXC says:


    Detroit rose during the Gilded Age – that’s our purest time of democracy, admittedly guided by an actual Patrician Class worthy of the name – and continued to thrive during the 1st generation of the New Deal. And then like everything else it went to Hell in the 60s.

    However. Something happened …and it’s this: in 1933 democracy ceases to govern and the New Deal Age begins.

    The New Deal requires at a minimum that the people administering this paternalistic State with it’s powerful collectivist tools are patriotic in the narrow sense that they do not HATE their people, and virtuous in the sense they are not widely and pervasively CORRUPT.

    We have since the brats tantrum in 68 a paternalistic state that is both filled with HATE towards it’s people and pervasive and ever increasing [especially since Clinton] CORRUPTION. But *democracy* did not bring us the last 50 years. Because democracy has been gone for 80 years.

    Really Detroit is part of the entire Rust Belt’s destruction – 11 States – which happens to coincide nationally with a decline of *everything* especially to do with governance, manufacturing, basically anything that can grind the people into dependence is a policy goal. But democracy – and blacks voting – is not what caused it. Most of the policy decisions that led to economic and social destruction weren’t accomplished at the polls. Including crime – the Warren Court caused more crime than a thousand elections.

    You’re also ignoring that the emancipation happened in the South, and crime in the North. And that more than crime was at work to create the Rust Belt. I’m from the Rust Belt just not a major population center. Crime – or race for that matter – was never a factor. And since it did not govern…nor Sirs was democracy.

    I am well aware of democracy’s warts, however frankly if even Jacobin’s are what’s called for to sweep away our current obscene regime than so be it. As Tocqueville and many others noted when democracy gets going it’s pretty hard to stop. Especially Americas.

    Be assured that sooner or later Tribunes of the People will step forward. Not because of any noble plan of the people [mind you they are arming…] or because Jesus loves us…but because the people are power lying fallow..but they are awake.

  4. Firepower says:

    Detroit is the SAME as Rhodesia or South Africa:
    When run by whites, it thrives
    When surrendered to coloreds it’s a jungle toilet.

  5. Federico says:

    Is Moldbug turning into a crank, or is his comments section becoming even more disagreeable? I find it hard to tell. You’d think a monarchist would exercise some tel est notre plaisir and lustrate the trolls.

    I thought the latest essay was the best of a (relatively) mediocre bunch in 2013, but several commenters thought otherwise. I had to go back to 2009 for comparison:

    The problem: bad judgment in government. The cause: a philosophy of government which promoted the belief that policy could be formulated mechanically, by delegating it to neutral and objective experts. To conceal this dramatic shift in sovereignty, the old political institutions were retained and in fact continued to function, much like the Roman Senate under the Roman Empire. Under the Caesars, the Senate was no longer a body of governing statesmen. In appearance, however, they remained “policymakers.”

    The modern politician, rare exceptions excepted (eg, Daniel Patrick Moynihan), is not a statesman. He is an actor playing a statesman. This is a full-time job, a specialty, and not an easy one. There is simply no room for this individual to have his own, individual whims, theories and opinions. His handlers may be so good at their jobs that they convince him that he has his own judgment, but in reality he delegates his trust to them completely. He has no other option.

    So delegating public policy to the scientists had an obvious effect. It made the scientists the policymakers – human judgment is conserved. The judgment became theirs. Hence Michael Mann, Climate Stalin. Granted effective sovereign power in his own field, he started to behave like a sovereign. And if he hadn’t, someone else would have. No shortage of potential Stalins in this world. Satan’s job is never tough to fill.

    “Climate Stalin”. He certainly doesn’t produce zingers like that anymore. I say his muse has gone, because his blog turned out to be less influential than he expected, and because no-one wants to run with his monarchist ideas. He cannot admit mistakes, so his essays become ever more obscure and facetious. See also: majorityrights.com.

  6. VXXC says:

    WR Mead points out this has been endemic to Americas cities since the 19th century – it’s not a black thing. Mind you they seem to have really bad luck.


  7. Samson J. says:

    I’d always assumed that progressives needed to believe that evolution happened super slowly… Apparently that’s not the case.

    I’m pretty stoked to see a creationist argument (“evolution can happen really quickly”) appear in the mainstream.

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