An interview with Richelieu

Here’s an imaginary interview with Cardinal Richelieu:

“The moment you introduce majority rule in the tribal world,” the cardinal replied, “you destroy the natural equilibrium of oppression.

“The minorities have no recourse but to fight, perhaps to the death. In the case of Iraq, the presence of oil mitigates the problem.

Read it all (HT).


19 Responses to An interview with Richelieu

  1. VXXC says:

    In Iraq that’s not quite what happened.

  2. VXXC says:

    He’s viewing this through Western Racial relations…and post colonial kaka-vision. He’s not altogether wrong..but he’s not quite right. Iraq was less Shiite hate and more Sunni rage – and ignorance of their true numbers and power – that drove it initially. That and the madness of inviting [originally Saddam did] Wahhabi Takfiri in after the 91 Shia uprising. The Sunni started banging on our doors in 05, we didn’t listen cuz the Shia govt were our clients [they are actually more open to reason and like less religion with the politics]. Of course if the Iraqi govt hadn’t been set up to fail by the UN with mad political scientists pushing Proportional Representation [to the point of SCORES of Slates on the ballot] and the Iraqi PM – the Executive – wasn’t dependent on a castrated and being hunted for their lives insurgency then he might have been strong enough to impose order sooner.

    Then there’s BREMER. There were 2 power centers in Iraq when we invaded [we knew this]. The B’aath and the Army. Procounsul Malicious Maximus disbanded both [he’s not dumb]. That put 500,000 Sunnis who were willing in 03 to make a deal into the insurgency, and that’s just to get a job. 60% unemployement and a shit load of guns – more than us NO REALLY – and a pre-planned network of insurgents of trained Iraqi soldiers and Intel/Secret police with Takfiri [AQ] ties.

    Bremer was acting on the instructions of his real boss: CFR. Or State if you prefer. Incorrectly.

    GEN Franks pulled his signature move of opening the door to Hell then running. With the Staff that knew the area [CENTCOM] and replaced him with the most junior 3 star Corps Commander in the Army – Sanchez. Who’s staff was V Corps and only know the Balkans. I was also in the Balkans, very different.

    You mustn’t also underestimate the chaotic influence of Heath Ledgers Joker card. Al Qaeda in Iraq [AQIZ]. Actually the Joker character was mild compared to them.

    Of course Iran had a peak of 32,000 trained and funded agents there, and their own ready made militias.

    If you want to know what actually happened 03-09 from top to bottom, read Bing West’s “The Strongest Tribe”. Best book of many I’ve read on the subject. Of course I was there for part of it.

    The US military’s mistakes and dysfunctions are the subject of many books and blogs – by US Military. Which West’s another by a serving LTC at the time.

    Steel Balls.

    He was far from the only one to dress down his superiors. Really.

    Me too, and I was a humble SGT.

  3. VXXC says:

    Finally if Spengler is correct about minority rule – then the United States is now governed properly and justly.

    As noted before my reactionary beliefs [the conservatives are too pussy for me] don’t include racism, but I’m a minority here.

    So is this correct governance?

    • jamesd127 says:

      Rule by leftists, or indeed rule by anyone, Seventh Day Adventists perhaps, would be fine, were it not for the left singularity. Leftists are pharisees. They continually compete each to be lefter than the other.

  4. VXXC says:

    PS – he is speaking of Sunni/Shia in RACIAL terms …whether he knows it or not. Apparently the lens is so thick he looks at the Arabs and misses – Religion. He must work at State. Or USG. Because that’s exactly how they look at it. Religious belief is for boobs so they must mean something else than what the most emphatically say.

    See what a trap Race is?

    • fnn says:

      In the former Yugoslavia you had irreligious and racially indistinguishable Croats, Serbs and alcohol-drinking Muslims all fighting each other for God knows what. And they all spoke the same language and the rates of intercommunal intermarriage were very high.

      • VXXC says:

        That was the 5th Balkan War in a century. They hate based on ethnicity. If we hadn’t separated them – oh yes we did – they’d be at again now. Assuming it won’t happen again, which History suggests is likely. [US] Military who served in both said the level of hatred and violence was higher in the Balkans. I saw the violence in Iraq, it was over [96] for my brief sojourn in the Balkans. After Saddam there was no more genocidal violence in Iraq. The Balkans is a history of genocide.

        In Iraq there was much intermarriage. They speak the same language as much as is possible with Arabs. They are certainly the same race. Shia Arabs are not Persians. I will attest it’s a myth they don’t drink. I don’t think they’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day anytime soon, but they drink.

        In Iraq they were absolutely fighting for power, but they certainly knew for God knows what…

  5. fnn says:

    How did the South Slavs join together to form a unified state after the Great War?

    “After Saddam there was no more genocidal violence in Iraq.”

    Then why are the Iraqi Christians mostly gone?

    After 10 years of attacks on Iraqi Christians, Monsignor Pios Cacha wonders if the ancient community’s days are numbered.

    “Maybe we will follow in the steps of our Jewish brothers,” he says.

    The priest’s reference to Iraq’s Jewish population — once a thriving community numbering in the tens of thousands but now practically non-existent — neatly sums up the possible fate of Iraq’s Christians.

    • fnn says:

      After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, violence against Christians rose, with reports of abduction, torture, bombings, and killings.[5] Some Christians were pressured to convert to Islam under threat of death or expulsion, and women were ordered to wear Islamic dress.[5]
      In August 2004, International Christian Concern protested an attack by Islamists on Iraqi Christian churches that killed 11 people.[6] In 2006, an Orthodox Christian priest, Boulos Iskander, was beheaded and mutilated despite payment of a ransom, and in 2008, the Assyrian clergyman Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of the Chaldean Catholic church in Mosul died after being abducted.[5] In January 2008, bombs exploded outside nine churches.[5]
      In 2010, reports emerged in Mosul of people being stopped in the streets, asked for their identity cards, and shot if they had a first or last name indicating Assyrian or Christian origin.[4] On 31 October 2010, 58 people, including 41 hostages and priests, were killed after an attack on an Assyrian Catholic church in Baghdad.[7] See October 2010 Baghdad church attack. A group affiliated to Al-Qaeda, Islamic State for Iraq, stated that Iraq’s indigenous Christians were a “legitimate target.”[8] In November, a series of bombings and mortar attacks targeted Assyrian Christian-majority areas of Baghdad.[8]
      Half the Christian population has fled, with an estimated 330,000 to Syria and smaller numbers to Jordan.[5]

      • VXXC says:

        You have a point about the Christians fleeing. However by genocide I mean hundreds of thousands killed, mass graves that the US found. Massacres of 11, 30, etc are terrible but not genocide. The Jews were long gone before we arrived.

        Would you care to change the subject again? What’s your point? My original one was that Spengler was wrong on several points. I then pointed out that Iraq is far different than the Balkans.

  6. fnn says:

    It’s just that I object to your repetition of what are apparently DOD/Likud talking points. What is your source for all those mass graves? Also, I was wondering how, if the Serbs and Croats had this persistent ethnic hatred, how they were able to form the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” after the Allies dismantled Austria-Hungary.

    • fnn says:

      All the major mass grave sites seem to be from the period 1979-91. Iraq was a US ally during virtually that entire period. . :

      • VXXC says:

        I was unaware of the LIKUD talking points on mass graves in Iraq. We found mass graves when we took it over. I’m not going to take Wiki on something so political. It would be a rare day DOD and I agree, I was there employee for 13.5 years and I know better. I just did my homework – by far from an exhaustive list of course, but I am mortal – and went to both places. I’d like to say I hope this answers your concerns but….

        You are a Troll. Unless you have something to do but pick faults I won’t answer again.

      • Handle says:

        @VXCC: You ever go near Hatra? There was a post-1991 mass grave in the vicinity. People buried in piles with their clothes on – disturbing stuff.

  7. RS says:

    > They are certainly the same race.

    That’s not what I heard, interesting posts tho.

    Unless you mean same broad race. What I heard is that they are pretty bio-distinguishable and that is what I mean.

    • VXXC says:

      Who? Where? Iraq or Balkans?

      Yes there are different groups, you can tell sometimes by features, skin tones, linguists by accent…I’m not a linguist. Clothing, hands [workman’s, peasant, educated], and certain military body characteristics such as muscular legs is what we looked for. Closely.

      My main point was Spengler was wrong about most of it, and he’s seeing Sunni/Shia as racial groups through American racialist eyes.

      You see Americas elites have no comprehension of religion, that’s for the boobs in flyover country. Since the Iraqis and other ME types talking to them speak fluent English, this means they are educated, which means they can’t possibly take religion seriously. YES THEY DO. But that doesn’t compute with Prog programming, so it’s patched to RACE.

      And the Iraqis – and I daresay the other desert dwellers – don’t ask what sect you are [they could tell by name, clothing, etc] they ask your TRIBE. Tribe is what they care about…for instance my interpreter friends are usually Al-Tamimi.

      Tribes pre-date Islam, and cross all the national borders. But race isn’t something the rest of the world is obsessed with, it’s considered one fact of life among many. Race is an obsession of the Amerosphere.

      Anyone wanna answer my point that if the 1st premise of the post is correct, America is now correctly ruled by minorities?

      • fnn says:

        In the Levant nationality/race has historically been defined (mostly) by confession. For example, Armenians who were not Orthodox escaped the Turkish genocide. There *were* some Armenians who were Catholic or Protestant.

        That was the 5th Balkan War in a century. They hate based on ethnicity. If we hadn’t separated them – oh yes we did – they’d be at again now.

        If the Serbs and Croats had this primordial ethnic hatred, how they were able to form the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” after the Allies dismantled Austria-Hungary. And why so much intermarriage?

        The Iraq War was engineered by Israel First neocons and the Israel Lobby.Anyone who defends that war must be some kind of troll:

        The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical.

  8. jamesd127 says:

    Anyone wanna answer my point that if the 1st premise of the post is correct, America is now correctly ruled by minorities?

    Thought I did.


    There would be nothing wrong with rule by leftists, or rule by Seventh Day Adventists, or rule by eskimos, except that leftists are pharisees, and therefore suffer from the left singularity, as each leftist attempts to gain power by being lefter than thou.

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