– A review of Paul Gottfried’s War and Democracy.

– The electoral consequences of a path to citizenship.

How bad is USG?

– Mangan reviews a book on mental illness.

The people is an ass.

– Africa has a fever, and the only prescription is more self-government.

– Free Northerner on natural slaves.

Detroit fact of the day.


9 Responses to Randoms

  1. Alrenous says:

    Is it not the case that most men used to lead their household? They were given a template, but the buck stopped with them, yes?

    Is it not the case that today’s women in fact pay their rent, and are evicted if they don’t?

  2. joetexx says:

    Re Detroit:

    “Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy”?

    Not Kim Possible?

    Oh wait, Kim’s a white ginger…

  3. SOBL1 says:

    Detroit is a picture for whatever the observer wants to blame for the failings of American cities, blacks, the American Dream, etc. Cons can blame liberal dominance. Race realists can blame majority black rule. Libs can blame big business for leaving the city. They all seem to avoid blaming the entire system of democratic rule and the bureaucracy that exists in western republics today. Detroit has an illiteracy rate of 3rd world proportions, yet they all can vote. Their chosen leaders end up shakingdown anyone for money while screwing over teh citizens they are suppose to govern. Because each side has something to point at and blame, no one mentions the unmentionable. Democracy sucks. Oh, and Detroit was practically the entire vote margin of Obama’s win in Michigan.

    • Handle says:

      Well, the counterargument is that there are plenty of places which have been functioning ok under Democracy (at least the local implementation thereof) and even Bureaucracy-heavy Liberalism for a long time without coming anywhere near Detroit’s situation. Some of those places are, actually, within spitting distance of Detroit (basically the leftist-tending Scandinavian-heavy portions of the upper Midwest, full of nice, Germanic Communitarians). And they’re decent places to live.

      So, it’s natural to ask what distinguishes Detroit from those other, much more successful places. Coleman Young is one of those things.

      • Tarl says:

        Indeed, Germany and Scandinavia work well under any form of government, while sub-Saharan Africa do not work under any form of (self) government.

        My Detroit fact of the week — in 1940, Detroit was 90% white.

      • Tarl says:

        Sub-Saharan African countries, obviously.

      • SOBL1 says:

        I agree that Detroit’s demographics play a large part in its downfall. I agree with the difference of Detroit vs. other democratic areas, but note that most if not all of those areas have declined as well. I do think Detoit voted for everything, and that a strict system would shape Detroit up. They need a fiscal manager to make ‘politically untenable cuts’ because each elected crony is guarding his fiefdom because of voting.

  4. VXXC says:

    How do you contend we’ve had Democracy governing since the New Deal simply because we have elections? Democracy influences, it does not govern. The essence of the New Deal is paternalistic Administration by an unelected government for Life – the Academy acts as clerisy, the mass media creates a often false consensus, the Bureaucracy carries it out.

    Consensus governs, not democracy.

    The New Deal created Administrative Government, paternalistic and with powerful collectivist tools. Also of course permanent war/armed peace. The actual New Dealers governed well, certainly by comparison with their brats that followed in the 60s. Administrative Paternalism requires virtue -narrowly a lack of pervasive corruption- and Patriotism that is you don’t hate your country and the people. We’ve had no consensus for 50 years and elites that are pervasively corrupt and HATE their own people.

    We aren’t governed by democracy, we’re governed by elites through an often false consensus leading to disastrous realities.

    Much more went into the ruin of Detroit than bad Municipal government. We’ve always had bad municipal governments. We did not have ruin.

    • Foseti says:

      You talk of democracy as though it’s a political system separate from the bureaucratic state run by the Cathedral.

      Does not compute.

      “The People” cannot govern. Democracy cannot exist separately from the methods of control that function under a democracy, i.e. the bureaucracy, the media and professoriate.

      The New Deal is not a break from democracy it is the formalization of democracy.

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