Full (muslim) retard, or Rubio 2016

“Will most people reallocate their time and energy away from reading the news and toward studying Bayes’ Theorem?”

You see, if they did, they wouldn’t be afraid of Muslim terrorists, because we all know how crazy that would be.  Rubio 2016!

In reality, if we really wanted to “live by statistics,” we’d admit that seeking to create ethnic diversity where it doesn’t exist is a really bad idea.  History may not have laws, but if it does, “ethnicities don’t mix well” would certainly be up there.

There may a couple examples of successful multicultural societies, but for every one or two such examples, there are hundreds of examples of multicultural chaos.  There are Wikipedia pages for Ethnic Conflict and Ethnic Hatred, but there aren’t ones for ethnic harmony or wishful-thinking-douchebaggery.

Runner-up for retardation goes to the WSJ:

“Some will use this threat as an argument against immigration, but that would punish everyone for the sins of a few. The “homegrown” radical threat is really an argument for vigilance, especially within communities prone to producing terrorists.”

We’d “all” be punished because we’d presumable lose out on all those contributions to progress that have come from Chechnans, like . . . organized crime(?).  And disorganized crime.  When in  doubt, we need more immigration from “communities prone to producing terrorists.”

What could go wrong?

Here’s some background on how they became citizens.


6 Responses to Full (muslim) retard, or Rubio 2016

  1. PA says:

    Your third and fourth paragraphs are very good. I am tempted to copy/paste them on Facebook as mine, except that I will stick with my resolution to keep FB apolitical.

  2. Handle says:

    The Israelis seem to be pretty proficient at not having explosions go off at their public events, especially when considering they are literally surrounded by millions who fanatically want them all dead. I wonder what kind of mysterious Bayesian statistical logic they’ve discovered over there. It certainly can’t be to profile Arabs or Muslims, because Art Carden says that would be completely illogical and ridiculous. Maybe the question isn’t whether a policy is “Bayesian” or not, but whether it’s “More Bayesian” than choosing to ignore reality and make grandma wet her depends at the airport.

    How about this for logic, Bayesian or otherwise:

    1. Everyone agrees that it’s stupid to not profile and have the TSA fondle granny’s junk.
    2. Even I’ll admit that most Muslims in American aren’t trying to commit acts of terror most of the time.
    3. But even Art Carden seems to be willing to go along with the notion that most recent acts of terror are committed by Muslims, despite the Great White “Right-Wing” Terrorist hope that never stops emanating from the press. Let’s posit with Art Carden than, “even if the probability that someone is a Muslim given that he is a terrorist is 100%–meaning that all terrorists are Muslims…”
    4. So, if we’re going to have any other policy smarter than fondling granny’s junk, then that policy, whatever it is, would only target people who are all Muslim.
    5. So, this hypothetical “smart policy” only needs some way of using statistics to derive patterns which will allow us to profile the particular portion of Muslims from which the terrorists emerge.
    6. But, besides, “probably young and male and conspicuously enthusiastic about Islam and Jihad on Social Media”, what if we can’t find any of those patterns? Or, worse, if we act on those patterns, the terrorists just adapt out of them?
    7. If we don’t have accurate and robust profile patterns, then we have to choose between profiling all Muslims, or no profiles or recognizing patterns in reality whatsoever. AKA – granny junk fondling.
    8. Isn’t that “less Bayesian” Art?

  3. He done gone full Moslem. You *never* go full Moslem.

  4. Gian says:

    The point is not ethnic diversity but diversity in ideals.

    The American Civil War was fought over the ideals that were different in North and South.

    Hindu society is ethnically very diverse but is peaceable since all Hindus share ideals

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