Has anybody seen Tom Wolfe?

You’d think that if America’s best living novelist wrote a novel about immigration a few months before immigration becomes one of the most discussed policy issues, the novelist would be fighting off interviewers with a stick.  Instead, it appears no that no seems to think he’d have anything interesting to say.

Is Wolfe sick, did he move into the woods and shun human contact, is his agent retarded, has he been blacklisted?

Wolfe’s book is particularly interesting, since he wrote about Cuban immigration.  The US essentially has an open border policy with respect to Cuban immigrants.

My thoughts on his thoughts about the results are at the link, but his thoughts are not generally favorable.  For some reason the line that I can’t get out of my head is, “why didn’t everybody get together and water just one tree?”

12 Responses to Has anybody seen Tom Wolfe?

  1. Michael Soren says:

    The problem with Back to Blood is that, despite the paleo/realist sounding title, Wolfe reverts to a sappy, romantic, why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along ending. In parts, he captures the delicious, worldly cynicism of Bonfire of the Vanities only to lose his nerve at the end. Also, while his treatment of Cubans seems fairly realistic, he chose abnormally upper class, Frenchified Haitian characters. I suppose he just could not relate to the more typical denizens of Little Haiti.

  2. Matt says:

    This isn’t France; Americans don’t care what their famous novelists think about the issues. Add to that the fact that Wolfe’s book was a commercial failure -it’s almost certainly sold less than 70,000 copies to date.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Back to Blood. I bought it the week it came out and finished it five or six days later. It was funny, sharp, mesmerizing, and observational. Everyone here who hasn’t read it ought to do so, starting this week. But I’m not surprised that Wolfe, who is also 80 and frail, isn’t doing extra, post-booktour publicity just because his book touched on an issue that’s currently in the news.

  3. Bill says:

    Open borders isn’t all that good a description of our Cuban immigration policy. The policy is that, if you are attempting to immigrate from Cuba, the Coast Guard will try pretty hard to prevent your rickety raft from landing in Florida. But, if you get your feet on the beach, you get to stay—unless your name is Elian Gonzales, of course.

    Our elite does not much like immigrants from Communist countries. My in-laws, who are such immigrants, were John Birch Society members back in the day, critique the JBS from the right, and routinely say things like “Of course, Joe Biden is a Communist” in bland, matter-of-fact tones. Such immigrants are like the people wearing the special glasses in the movie They Live.

    See the Coast Guard press releases on the repatriations of attempted Cuban migrants here.

  4. Toddy Cat says:

    Our elites don’t like immigrants from Communist countries because they make statements like “Of course, Joe Biden is a Communist”. The fact that this statement is, for all intents and purposes, true, only makes it worse from the standpoint of the Cathedral…

    • Kalim Kassam says:

      anon, your link is not working

    • anti-racist says:

      Many white people flocked to SA to live a comfortable life in the knowledge that that lifestyle was at the expense of poor black people, who were forced by apartheid to work for very low wages and had lives of poverty. Those people along with the Africa-canners who created the vile apartheid system deserve everything thats come to them.

      • Handle says:

        Two cheers for an honest expression sentiments. I’m sure it soothes the consciences of many a rapist, burglar, and murderer of many an innocent child to know so certainly the justness of their wicked, degenerate barbarism. A fine business, this apologetics for .. anything? Yes, any thing. After all, they deserve, don’t they?

        And yet, it’s strange. When one tries to point out that this is precisely what some people in South Africa think of other people in South Africa, and that they’d better flee before their legs are involuntarily mutilated, well, one gets called some very nasty names. Indubitably, one is said to deserve whatever those other South Africans deserve. The world is just full of mysteries.

  5. Scharlach says:

    He spoke at the most recent gathering of the National Association of Scholars . . . that might tell you why he’s not being hounded by MSM interviewers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nigga is old as dirt, getting a little tripped out — looks like he’s been on the drip lately. Still pretty funny:

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