Comparative advantages

In Sweden, only dark explanations can explain the burning cars.

I’ve written before about the particular inability of progressive societies to assimilate outsiders. In short, if you can’t judge, criticize or punish, by what mechanism do you expect to assimilate anyone?

One possible answer is by being really nice. What better place to test this answer than Sweden? Oops.

This is sad to see since the Nordic countries have been stable places to live with good government (this doesn’t mean I like all their policies, but the results have been generally good – how quickly they become anarcho-tyrannical!). These parts of the internet have long been predicting that the days of peace and stability are numbered thanks to their immigration policies. Alas, it appears we were right.

Your cars may be on fire, but at least the chapulas will be cheap, plentiful, and oh so tasty.

It’s fashionable to blame lack of jobs for failed assimilation (though one wonders why the US would begin increasing immigration during a recession if this is the new official answer to why immigration fails). Indeed, it’s basically impossible to seriously believe that lots of welfare in combination with lots of unemployment and lots of diversity is a recipe for anything other than war and chaos.

Mass immigration coupled with declining job prospects for low-skilled workers is scary:

There are really two choices before us as we think about the future of jobs in an age of information. Either most human beings are about to become economically obsolete, or the information economy can find a use for their talent and hard work. Much depends on which of these two pictures turns out to be the best description of the future.

If we believe in the first alternative, we are going to start planning for the mother of all welfare states. There will be a period of transition, but something like 80 percent or more of the population is going become superfluous to the economy. There will be no jobs where the work of this group could command a living wage; the state must somehow make provision for them or wait for them to fall into poverty and risk the social explosion that will probably follow.

If that happens, you don’t want to be near the diversity.

The jobs argument for Sweden is anyway sketchy:

This attitude is particuarly disturbing because Sweden has invested more energy and money to integrating immigrants than any other European country. It’s also reliably prosperous: there’s no mass unemployment, as in France or Spain. What’s happening around Stockholm, then, can’t be explained away as a reaction to official neglect or poverty. Rather, it’s a predictable consequence of mass immigration from the Third World into a small, ethnically and culturally homogeneous society.

Indeed. With so many first world countries experimenting with mass third world immigration for several decades now, you’d expect at least one of them to have succeeded at some point, if only by accident. Instead, cars are aflame and heads are literally rolling in the streets.

One must, of course, blame the perpetrators of these crimes. Nevertheless some people have designed, argued for, and implemented these policies on grand scales despite totally predictable results. Alas, it appears they’ll be more than enough blood to stain the hands of the perpetrators and their enablers.

10 Responses to Comparative advantages

  1. Red says:

    Discrimination is how you assimilate people. Every group discriminates against people who don’t act like them in order to force them to conform to their society. Once people largely act like the rest of the nation formal discrimination generally goes away.

  2. jamesd127 says:

    Mestizos in the US by and large make an honest effort to assimilate to white Americans. A mestizo kid in school who acts mestizo catches hell from the other mestizo kids. But problem is, their average IQ is similar to that of blacks, making them unassimilable, despite their, and our, best efforts.

    With Muslims, on the other hand, the basic problem is that if a Muslim is not cutting off infidel heads and raping infidel children, he is a bad Muslim. Muslims are not supposed to assimilate.

  3. Nordic Realist says:

    It is said that Sweden is trying to move to a police force with 50% female presence and 20% immigrant presence.

    Long before 50% female presence the police force will collapse as males flee. (See, for example Eleanor MacCoby on males fleeing professions regarded as female work.)

    Then the feminists in Sweden will start to understand the depth of their immigrant problem. They have not yet seen the real increase in the rape rate.

  4. RS says:

    > Your cars may be on fire, but at least the chapulas will be cheap, plentiful, and oh so tasty.

    Should they grow lukewarm, merely take a frying pan and pop them briefly into the flames and toxic fumes of a burning car. Ahhhh!

  5. Marc Cabot says:

    Note comments from police official on the official policy toward rioters. In Valhalla the Einherjar tell Odin, “We changed our minds. Let it burn.”

  6. […] continues to enjoy being culturally enriched. Related: They don’t want to integrate. Related: Only dark explanations explain […]

  7. Erik says:

    “but at least the chapulas will be cheap”

    I thought it was “cheap chalupas”???

  8. thrasymachus33308 says:

    >> In short, if you can’t judge, criticize or punish, by what mechanism do you expect to assimilate anyone?<<

    OK, here's the thing. I grew up around these people- passive/aggressive liberals/progressives- and there is a great deal of judgment, criticism and punishment. It hangs in the air like a thick fog, almost enough to choke you. But it's very subtle and difficult to interpret, even if you are intelligent, perceptive and attuned to the culture to begin with, by upbringing and genetics. (I'm part Swedish. You mentioned you're from Minnesota, so I'm guessing you know what I'm talking about.) I was and it drove me batshit crazy and turned me into the dangerous lunatic I am today.

    The Swedish culture is an extreme example of northern European culture- see "Swedish Mentality" by Ake Daun. It's kind of weird for Norwegians and Germans, so how the hell is a Somalian going to deal with it? He doesn't know and can't figure out that a slight frown on a Swede is like him screaming at somebody while shoving an AK-47 in their face. I'm guessing the Swedes just shut these people out as much as possible, hell they shut each other out. Putting Third World refugees in this situation is just cruel. Putting genetically Swedish children in it is cruel enough, but that's the way life is.

    The Japanese are honest and admit "We're just off the charts weird. There's no way you're ever going to get it, so just don't try. If you are an affluent tourist from a First World country, come and take pictures, but leave promptly."

    My God, you've got me feeling sorry for Moslems. That's quite an accomplishment.

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