Hate, hate, hate, hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate

– Totally unrelated:

I refuse to be subjected to “intellectual pacification” that discourages me from publicly discussing and considering facts about human nature, however uncomfortable they may be. I refuse to sacrifice the “entire moral courage of the human mind,” which I consider essential to intellectual thought, especially among scientifically oriented people. Progressivism wishes to destroy those aspects of human behavioral science that might offend people. Since this is practically everything in the field, they wish to destroy an entire scientific field.

– Or maybe it’s best to employ a professional. (Did Heartiste just identify as a neoreactionary?)

– Ian Ironwood’s new book.

– AnomalyUK on clubs.

– New reactionary blog that links here, you know I’m linking to it.

Libertarianism and immigration.

The Kill Whitey experiment.


17 Responses to Randoms

  1. Did Heartiste identify?

    Chateau Heartiste is now offering PR services to any neoreactionary PACs.

    He’s clearly sympathetic, but apparently doesn’t realize that we don’t believe in political action, but instead political inaction. When he offers his services to all the (neo)reationary PICs out there, then we’ll know… he’s one of us.

    To his larger point, about how to deflect “fitness” tests, which is pretty much all the mainstream media is nowadays when it comes to controversy, I think Roissy’s pretty much right on the money. But we’re not talking about Richwine vs. the screaming torch-bearing mobs, but his employer Heritage vs. the screaming torch-bearing mobs.

    So really what you need is some backbone at the foundation itself. But of course Heritage has already been neutered… they require it before adoption into the Cathedral household.

    Can institutions become de-Cathedralized?

    • Nope. It is a one way process. The left, or rather a tiny organized conspiratorial faction of the left, takes over an organization and does not let go. Fraud, vote stuffing, bribery, violence, and murder are used as necessary. Police look the other way, suspecting, not always correctly, that the people who have taken over the organization have powerful protectors.

      To reverse the process, would need the police to suspect that right wing conspirators may have powerful protectors.

  2. Standing athwart history, Michael Anissimov says, “Stop right there. Not a single step further.”

  3. thrasymachus33308 says:

    Jones is in the same position as (former) Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, speaking the truth about race and crime. Washington State has elections for the Supreme Court, and the Dan Savage-like voters of King County gave him the heave-ho. Jones is probably safer in Texas.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about that jewish israeli judge saying girls like to get raped?

    i –can’t believe– this isn’t getting more play in the press


  5. VXXC says:

    “If the girl is shit testing the pick-up artist, he can reframe with a smarter remark or ignore her altogether. For example:

    HB: Are you trying to pick us up? (in negative tone)

    PUA: Is that the first thing you say to anyone who approaches you? I had a simple question to ask the group, but it’s alright, I will ask someone else more polite.”
    No, they don’t get laid do they? I’m glad I don’t spend time over there, Game is clearly masturbatory fantasy.

    • I can state with authority that some guys get laid like a rug, and that they deal with women in ways you would find even less palatable than the suggested procedure.

      I like to avoid discussing game, not being that good at it, but consider that brown Muslim males are hugely more successful at bedding white women than most white males, precisely because they despise them and treat them as disgusting sluts and whores, hence, for example, the scandal of Pakistani males turning young white girls to prostitution.

      So I will not comment on the wisdom and insight of Heartiste, except to say, that the guys who do get lots of pussy reveal a horrifying truth about the vast majority of women. A woman is only going to be well behaved if she marries her husband reasonably young, is dominated by her husband and submits to his authority, eighteenth century style, hence the need for social institutions that ensure that this happens.

      • VXXC says:

        Wisdom? really?

        I’m not going to pursue that any further. I did mention the other day they know nothing pimps haven’t known for all time.

        As you can see below I’m not quite in synch with the modern, although I did try…
        Thanks for your definition of Cathedral!

        Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

        To get a better idea of what editors publish and reject, sign up as an Urban Dictionary Editor here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/editor/staygo.php

        Urban Dictionary
        I declined the opportunity to sign up as an Urban Dictionary editor. For those of you however who still have pace flowing through your tremulous veins, head on over there….if you are not then in the mood to burn witches ye are neither hominid nor sapient.

        But sincere congratulations again on mainstreaming Cathedral.

      • VXXC: So what WAS your definition of Cathedral that got rejected? All of the current leading urbandictionary defs are rather poor… we definitely need a better one.

    • Handle says:

      Sorry VXXC. It’s completely real, it works perfectly, I’m living proof. You can distrust me if you like, but ask yourself, what’s it to me whether you’re persuaded or not? Only because I think it’s true because I’ve seen the difference in person.

      Now, I’ll also say, the fact that it’s so true is, well, depressing. It takes the emotional illusion of “romance” out of it. Romance and real love are still possible, but hard to find. But if that’s not what you’re looking for ….

      But isn’t that what we do here, move past the Kubler-Ross stages of grief when confronted with dark reality, accept them, grab our sacks, and move on? You can bemoan the consequences of sexual “liberation”, you can perform “Sexual Selection Social Analysis ‘S3A’ ” to predict the future sexapocalypse – but you should stop hating on the truth. That does no one any good.

    • asdf says:

      Game is like poker. Most people who do it won’t do it well, and they will think nobody can do it. Those that can do it well will win lots of money (or in this case, pussy).

      The issue with successful game is with the practitioner. I think a healthy person tries game, bangs some girls, deals with it, and moves on. Most men just want to bang some chicks to know they can do it. They aren’t actual sex hounds.

      Some game practitioners are sex hounds though. The kind of people that write game blogs definitely are. Usually they are psychologically damaged. One can look at Roosh and Roissy and see the damage quite obviously.

      For normal people though they practice game, get some bangs, and then find other things to do with their lives.

      • Handle says:

        Very well said. I don’t know about “move on” though. Learning about game has taught me to always keep these ideas and techniques “on call” for whenever I deal with women in a variety of circumstances. Almost every human interaction, even perfectly banal and non-sexual, is full of opportunities to deploy influence skills to shape attitudes and the situation in your favor, and as any salesman, ad executive, or non-suppressed common sense, will tell you – women need entirely different handling than men.

        I’d add that for those not in the “sex hound” category who want families or more traditional relationships instead of spending our time trying to bang as many chicks as possible, “game” takes on its more abstract definition of the art and science of managing a woman’s arousal and emotional-intimacy psychology.

        A lot of married guys still don’t know anything about this and, even if they do, don’t have the skills or discipline to actually do it. They wonder why their wives get bored and frustrated and lose all passion and loyalty for them, and then jump on the first new opportunity that presents itself and then robs her husband blind in the divorce settlement. Guys don’t put in the work and/or don’t know how and it’s a shame for everybody involved. Like a lot of other “social influence” techniques, (even including sales, politics, acting, etc.), it’s hard to be “on” all the time, especially at first and if you’re not a natural, even though it becomes easier and much more habitual the more you do it.

        Part of the reason is that feminist society tell them they shouldn’t even try because “it’s offensive!” and gives them an excuse to be lazy. They should read old books. Pretty much the entirety of pre-Victorian English and pre-WWII Continental literature was completely frank and honest about a woman’s true nature – but that’s probably because they were so evil. Nothing much changed about attitudes about actresses, for example, from Sophocles to Calvin to Molnar</a (currently playing at the Kennedy Center, by the way, and I highly recommend it.)

  6. ve says:

    There is no way Edith Jones said what she is accused of saying. She is far too intelligent and well-versed in the workings of the Cathedral (you don’t get to be a Circuit Court Judge otherwise) to make a claim that minorities are “predisposed” to commit heinous crimes. And there is no tape.

    My specualtion is that she responded to a question about “racist” death penalty statistics by saying that blacks and hispanics had committed a higher percentage of heinous crimes, which is a non-racist explanation for the divergent statistics, but one that it is not polite to notice. Her political enemies (who would love to get her off the court) are submitting “affidavits” attesting to what she said. Smells like a frame job.

    • Scrutineer says:

      About a decade ago I took a law school seminar taught by a 4th circuit appeals court judge. He got to rambling about the black/white performance gap, and confessed that his generation had run out of answers to the problem. He then suggested that we might eventually solve it using genetic engineering. I was stunned that no one objected or even seemed to understand what he was implying.

    • Handle says:

      Precisely correct.

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