Reactionary gathering

We had a lovely gathering last weekend.

(Note that I took no notes. Infer from that what you will.)

There were a few people I was hoping to meet that couldn’t make it, but there’s always next time.

I’ve met close to a dozen fellow bloggers or commenters or fellow-travelers from these endeavors. I think the age range of the people I’ve met is 19-50. Some were former leftists others were rightists others were libertarians and others were (and still are) traditionalists. I’ve had a good time with everyone.

People generally assume that your online persona is a fake or contrived or exaggerated persona. It’s fun to meet a bunch of people for whom the opposite is true. The real person is the person online – we all put up various fronts in our real lives.

8 Responses to Reactionary gathering

  1. joetexx says:

    “The real person is the person online – we all put up various fronts in our real lives.”

    Obvious insight but one that never occurred to me before.

    Well, i’ve always been a little slow.

  2. It’s really hard, even on a blog, to be someone you’re not. If you pull it off, there is probably something wrong with you… in a rather dangerous way. (Which is why TLP is dangerous no matter who or what he or she or it is)

    You, Foseti, didn’t look anything like I imagined, but everything else, personality wise, was a perfect match. I imagined you quite a bit shorter, not biologically unfit short mind you, but about Handle’s height actually.

  3. Handle says:

    Next meeting Saturday, July 13th. Location: TBD. Everyone who wants to attend or have suggestions for venue or guests, let me know. Handle -at- multizionism -dot- com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Foesti and all – I will be returning to the U.S. from my current assignment abroad (I work for USG) in January, 2014, and would love to join any meetups in the Washington area. Please add me to the contact list (if there is one, that is).

    Until then, I will content myself with being the sole Monarchist in the State Dept.

  5. KevinV says:

    The anonymous comment above was from me, KevinV. KevinV – at – that google email domain.

  6. sherwoodr says:

    It was a lot of fun. I recommend it to others in the area.

    ” we all put up various fronts in our real lives.”

    As you suggest, the best part of these meetings is the fact that you don’t have to constantly self-censor. It’s very liberating.

  7. porphyrogenitus says:

    “The real person is the person online – we all put up various fronts in our real lives.”

    One of your better remarks. (Note this is not meant as a slam at your other remarks. It’s just this is a good one).

  8. […] form, I imagine the Party looks rather like a monthly dinner club. One might even consider the recent DC meetup a proto-Party […]

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