Lee Kuan Yew is laughing at you

Lee Kuan Yew told us that we couldn’t have a free press in a multi-racial/ethnic/religious society.

When implemented in Singapore, this strategy was astonishingly effective. Nevertheless, the State Department occasionally criticizes Singapore for their stance on press freedom.

Perhaps there just aren’t enough racial or ethnic riots in Singapore anymore for the State Department’s liking.

Every time I read something on the Zimmerman trial, I hear Lee laughing in the background. Maybe that’s just because I’m going crazy – or maybe the case is perfectly proving Lee right.

Fascinating stories go almost completely uncovered while others are manufactured for no discernible reason other than to incite racial violence.

It seems there are three possibilities at this point: 1) Zimmerman is convicted of a crime he pretty clearly didn’t commit (a realization not limited to conservative sources); 2) Zimmerman is acquitted and there’s a race riot or two; and 3) Zimmerman is acquitted and there’s no race riots.

If a not guilty guy goes to jail or people die or get hurt in a riot or two, the blame falls squarely and entirely on the “free” press – well, almost entirely.

Perhaps we’ve passed the multicultural point where a “free” press is beneficial (maybe juries trials too – another Singapore did away with for reasons of diversity). From now these institutions can’t help but be destructive. So begins the end of traditional institutions that were designed for societies too different from our own.


11 Responses to Lee Kuan Yew is laughing at you

  1. Jqwan says:

    Your link is dead, but LKY is the straight dope, one of the most brilliant rulers that has ever lived:

  2. VXXC says:

    “From now these institutions can’t help but be destructive. So begins the end of traditional institutions that were designed for societies too different from our own.”

    You may be right. I want [my] people free and politically empowered [click click], the Press should be muzzled at least, and we may have to somewhat enforce a society of tradition. Mind you absent the subsidies and a return to the traditional American work ethic of eat or starve combined with crime actually receiving rational punishments go a long way towards eliminating the need for tyranny.

    It’s often remarked on how law abiding the English were until a few decades ago. It’s not quite correlated with centuries of hanging judges. Of course with our modern science we have discovered…they were right.

    The Hanging Judges and harsh punishments, combined with traditional police powers [BAP!!] actually you know WORK. If the criminal or irresponsible cannot be dissuaded by harsh sanctions for lesser offenses and proceed to greater offenses…they are hanged and out of the gene pool.

  3. VXXC says:

    Yet all that is necessary for the American People to naturally return to their previous virtues is liberation from the Cathedral, which probably entails the razing of the Cathedral.

    And here is the Dilemma of Reaction. Remaining Ex Cathedra requires an intact Cathedral.

    Tell me –do you believe in Atavism? I would think it’s quite fitting for reaction. It’s one of those seeming laws of gravity for people. If you do or at least are willing to give it a fair hearing why wouldn’t you believe that absent enormous social engineering by an all present State that people including Americans wouldn’t return to their historical and traditional norms? Which are admirable. In every way. You may not remember the 70s/80s but I do. As soon as Reagan made his changes and you know actually LED we went back to work, back to family, back to law.

    I realize people are lining up now to list the dysfunctions, and you’ll look down your noses at them in glee*. How many exist if you know the entire Cathedral is zapped by the Ring of Fnargl?

    I think of course the entire Dilemma of reaction is wanting to remain in the ex cathedra chair while restoring the nation – which merely requires it’s liberation – and this will all happen without you know disorder [cuz that’s not reactionary].

    That’s impossible. It’s also unjust. We The American People are quite entitled to raze those who’ve ruined us.

    It’s as American as Lynching or Barn Burning.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      We The American People are quite entitled to raze those who’ve ruined us.

      I’m torn on this but tend to agree with you.

      The people who have done this should pay – they’ve murdered millions, ruined lives, and cause unspeakable brutality. My god, they ethnically cleansed whole cities with criminals! A movie like the Dark Knight is a comic book movie that engages in hyperbole to entertain and maybe make a point and it’s populated with comic book villains – now imagine the Joker wins and goes on such a reign of terror that Gotham is depopulated – THAT IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN REAL CITIES!

      On the other hand, committing to making them pay means that it’s more likely that they stick it out and never surrender.

      I also tend to believe that everyone with power in the Cathedral is a coward at heart and that it would be easy to dismantle the structure (but not so easy to replace it with something better). How? 20 men like Anders Behring Breivik would be sufficient.

      Unfortunately if that’s the solution employed I think the Cathedral would just be replaced with something worse.

      Totally understandable if Foseti doesn’t want this sort of thing on his blog.

    • that’s insane. Do you even know what reaction _means_? It means convincing those capable of taking and holding power that it is in their interests to behave responsibly.

      That’s the point of the Fnargl parable. It is not a Rambo fantasy. Fnargl doesn’t _need_ to execute very many people, just enough to show that he has the power to do so.

      You sound like a counteractivist. The problem with counteractivism is that it almost never works, and when it does, that’s how you get Hitler.

      • VXXC says:

        “It means convincing those capable of taking and holding power that it is in their interests to behave responsibly.”

        Well maybe. Or maybe it means you’re reacting. What we have isn’t capable of being responsible, it’s evil, insane, and frankly childish. These aren’t 3d raters they’re academic bottom feeders. They don’t know what responsible means, they’ve never been. They’re not held accountable, and as far as the pathetic participating electorate won’t be as long as the checks keep coming. There are however other forces quite inexorably at work.

        We’re watching the implosion of the USA elites, their economics for instance are that of the pawn shop and payday loan. With money they’ve ruined. Tick Tock.

        I don’t care about counter-activism or definitions in general. They’re not that important outside of the classroom. Action and winning however are important.

        As far as the Ring of Fnargl, that’s Moldbug’s and others wish for a nice non-messy solution. I have no proofs for this pudding, it doesn’t exist. As noted above it shouldn’t. Not only do we have the right to raze those who’ve ruined us it’s necessary to convince them not to try again in their possibly truncated lifetimes. As noted they are mostly cowards. They remain evil and insane. BTW they’re Hitler too, just the coward version. Their visions and policies are those of destruction, war, pillage and genocide, simply against the majority instead of minorities. As they are cowards they don’t do their own dirty work.

        Fnargl pudding has no proofs. When it does we can consider it. I have no more love of peace with the Cathedral than Tybalt, but if we get Fnargl pudding proofed, I’d consider it…until then…

  4. d0jistar says:

    I live in Singapore. It just _works_ (except for reproduction, although sensible immigration helps with that), which is amazing compared to the decaying West. And Singapore is very diverse and divisively so, but they manage to handle it.

    How “free” is the Western press compared to Singapore, though, really? Self-censorship in, say, USA media is very strict. Try say, reporting the races of all crime suspects and ne’er-do-wells right in the leader and see what happens. Or question global warming. Feel free to come up with your own hilariously implausible examples that you never see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sailer a while ago posted about a Chechen who was interrogated by the FBI about the boston marathon thing. The FBI said that the Chechen had been cooperating fully and was about to confess to something or other when he suddenly pulled a hidden knife and charged the FBI agent who was forced to shoot him in the head.

    Steve’s comment was somethign to the effect of the story was so bullshit that the FBI wants you to know it’s bullshit.

    That’s what I see happening in the Zimmerman trial. The case is bullshit, you know it and they know it, and they know that you know that they know it, and they are going to convict him anyway because they can, and they want you to know that that is the case.

    • VXXC says:

      Sailer on the Chechen: No that’s perfectly plausible, as the entire Chechen story here and at the Caucasian pastoral paradise makes it plausible, as does Sailers own writings.

      It’s not Bullshit if you understand or have experience of violence.

      Zimmerman verdict- Not Guilty. Now it’s 1035 on a Saturday, truly brilliant timing. However no riots, no power. When Ends don’t justify the Means, you’re on the Losing End.

      I think riots BTW might have been more likely with GUILTY. As would whatever happens in Chicago this evening. Which was going to happen anyway.

      I think you are seeing a turning point here in race relations.

  6. KAM says:

    Singaporeans are NOT matured enough to have a free press with her multicultural demographics. Period.

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