On Congress:

Congress is dominated by intellectual lightweights who are chiefly consumed by electioneering and largely irrelevant in a body where a handful of members and many more staff do the actual work of legislating. . . .

many members of Congress are politics-obsessed mediocrities who know little about the policy they’re purportedly crafting and voting on….

That strikes as perhaps a bit overly generous. Do some of the members do the actual work of legislating? I highly doubt it.

That’s more like it.

Spandrell, FTW.

– Heartiste suggests a back to Europe movement.

Zimbabwe news of the day.

15 Responses to Randoms

  1. VXXC says:

    “dominated by intellectual lightweights”

    May God spare America the direct dominion of intellectual heavyweights. Their indirect priesthood has wrecked the government and done great damage to the nation and people.

    They are by the way not supposed to be intellectual heavy weights but custodians of the Republic they swore alleigiance to…as others have as well.

    The weight of intellectuals is more than we can presently bear, and costs more money than actually exists. Direct Dominion would snap the last frayed bonds of civilization. We can’t have that…for as we are often cautioned reactionaries seek to preserve order. Whatever that means presently I can’t imagine. Cannibalism isn’t [yet] policy but you never know, when cannibalism is studied enough and should it gain a sufficient academic constituientcy it may become the order to be preserved. Certainly the Republicans are down. Or will be.

  2. So do you remember back in HS, when kids used to run for class or student body president, and they all said basically the same stupid things, and any rare non-stupid thing they said would totally impossible, and you knew in your bones it was quite literally nothing more than a popularity contest, the only real outcome of which would be to feed the candidates egos?

    Being a congressman is exactly like that.

  3. VXXC: Everybody knows the political class will come from the second (or low third) sigma. Intellectual heftiness does not refer to mere brainpower, but what you’ve done with that which God gave ya. I think you’re aiming at the wrong sigma, there.

  4. VXXC says:

    I pointed it at the guilty N.B.S.

    God sees us all as babies and does not distinguish between sigmas anymore than we distinguish the down on the miracle of children. Which is a great point for the humbling and stabilizing influence of religion.

    As to Congress it has ever been so, the problem isn’t Congress it’s that we turned our Political Contract into religion with the New Deal.
    The height of our governing genius was captured by Alexis De-Tocqueville, however the hardy souls he observed would not have made either government or religion all encompassing. We have lost among many things our balance.

  5. dearieme says:

    Lightweights? Flyweights, more like.

  6. Handle says:

    Moldbug makes a rare appearance.

    I’ll meet Mencius halfway – these statistics aren’t fully reliable, but still, I believe crime has decreased dramatically in many former gang war-zones in the last 30 years.

    There’s been a lot out there on Race and Crime lately, like Unz’s latest, perhaps one of the few positive spillovers of this whole Zimmerman fiasco.

    Money quotes (from the statistical point of view):

    , “… if New York City were excluded from our current national statistics, many of the existing racial crime correlations would exceed 0.90 …”


    “the apparent geographical pattern of crime in these cities and most others might lead us to suspect that our national racial correlations would become substantially greater under such a more accurate approach, perhaps often reaching or even exceeding the 0.90 level. “

    Keep in mind that a result in the 0.9’s in anything in social science is phenomenally, extraordinarily strong. But combine the results and that means in Black areas of cities outside NYC, the correlation between the Black population proportion and crime is nearly perfect, to the exclusion of all other potential explanations, excuses, or ‘root causes’.

    Race is like the great Dark Matter of Modern American Social Dynamics – the actual ugly-but-true facts are invisible in the Historical Narrative, and yet, it’s the real source of the great Gravitational Forces that is the actual explanation for everything you see.

  7. dearieme says:

    So what’s different about NYC?

    • Handle says:

      A few things – but in eight items: 1. Profiling, 2. Geography (‘greater ‘NYC’ like Northern New Jersey is still a mess) 3. Resource Allocation, 4. Stop-and-Frisk, 5. Elites live there which, 6. Provides the money to pay for it and 7. The legal immunity from disparate-impact rulings to actually accomplish it.

      Basically, The combined Giuliani-Bloomberg regimes had a mandate to take back the streets from the usual suspects. They did this in part by telling their cops to, basically, frisk all of them on very limited ‘articulable suspicion’ (ahem – racial profiling), and, if they found a handgun, seize and confiscate it or arrest them for any resistance. Combined with pre-heller strict anti-gun laws, to include bans on possession for ex-cons, parolees, and probationees, this had the effect over time of largely disarming the black underclass and making those remaining armed criminals keep their heads down (and mostly stay in their own neighborhoods).

      People called Giuliani a Nazi and a Fascist for doing these things, and then he started to have truly phenomenal results overnight so they .. dropped the subject and let everyone else know not to rock the boat and the Feds stayed out of it. Because NYC is ‘special’ in the US scheme. (Only in the last year has the attempt to resume these efforts in NYC recommenced and won some legal and media traction – that’s what Unz is alluding to in his article, and of course, it’s a naive disaster that can only be combated by hard statistics if at all).

      Compare this to, say, Detroit, which tried to do the same thing and immediately found itself under a DOJ Civil Rights lawsuit which immediately stopped them from executing these policing tactics. Because that’s Detroit and they have no pull. In fact, nobody’s got pull with the Feds like NYC does, not even, hilariously, DC itself. DC is special and elite in other ways, but not like that.

      • anon says:

        Detroit consent-decree source.

      • anon says:

        Even better – the actual decree itself courtesy of DOJ Civil Rights Division. Pay special attention to “B. Investigatory Stop Policies” starting on page 15.

        Also, keep in mind that it was former Detroit mayor Dennis Archer who ‘requested’ the DOJ investigation at the end of his last term to force the hands of the next mayor – the illustrious Kwame Kilpatrick.

        This is a tactic to leverage higher powers to ‘force’ a jurisdiction into implementing policies that a local politician couldn’t enact on his own. There are many clever ways to work around the Democratic formal structure, and this is one of them.

      • Alrenous says:

        I don’t suppose you could paint me a vignette of how NYC accomplishes its pull? Or what would happen if the Feds decided to butt in – what’s their incentive?

  8. dearieme says:

    Thank you, Handle.

  9. RS says:

    > I’ll meet Mencius halfway – these statistics aren’t fully reliable, but still, I believe crime has decreased dramatically in many former gang war-zones in the last 30 years.

    Of course. After all there’s been a 4x increase in incarceration /head: a linear change ~1980-present. If we were still at the 1980 imprisonment rate we’d be looking at mega violence on the streets.

  10. RS says:

    Mestizos probably look rather better than they ‘really’ are, crimewise, because so many are first-gen.

    You need native-speaker fluency, and a lifetime of cultural knowledge, to be street smart and well-connected. Whether your aspiration is to sling coke, be a serial rapist, or whatever, you need to know what’s up, need to understand idioms, customs, situations, and facial expressions.

    Would be interesting to see stats for Mestizos born here, but I’m not interested enough to look.

    Hell, it’s probably even significantly ‘better’ to be 3rd-gen versus 2nd. As a 3rd-gen you may have gangsta kin much older than yourself.

    Combine that with dysgenesis, and the future looks pretty criminal. Of course another key determinant is the population fraction of Blacks — despite the influx and fecundity of Mestizos and others, the Black fraction is steady at 12%, as it has been virtually forever.

    I think crime will also become more of an issue because Mestizos will displace Blacks from running drugs and prostitution, which could mean more robberies by Blacks and untalented Mestizos. Obviously you and I don’t care viscerally if people want to be gangsters and zap each other ; we may have intellectual compassion for the situation, but care far more about the health of our pet dog. What educated people care about viscerally is getting mugged or burgled, so that’s what will impact on thinking and discourse. What are people going to do about it? Can we go from 4x the 1980 imprisonment rate to like, 10x? It’s not cheap, but it’s not prohibitively expensive ; the thing is, at 10x, it would be hard for the mainstream cognoscento-lite to deny that something’s pretty wrong, and actually, albeit in a slow-motion kind of way, maybe pretty far beyond wrong.

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