Review of “Shift Omnibus Edition” by Hugh Howey

I couldn’t resist the sequel, especially since the final book is coming out next month.

Actually these books are a prequel to the first set of books. The first set of books were post-apocalyptic. The first two in this new set take place prior to the events of the first set of books.

It’s tough to maintain the magic when you reveal the events of the actual apocalyptic-scenario, but Howey pulls it off pretty well. The third book in the new set brings the story back up to date.

Essentially all the unanswered from the first set of books are answered in a way that isn’t lame (which is pretty remarkable).

It should be noted that in addition to being an interesting sci-fi scenario, the books are actually really good. They’re ultimately about what it takes to survive and the hard decisions that accompany survival. Howey is also very good at revealing just enough to keep you very interested throughout.

I can’t say anymore, since that’d ruin the reading experience.


4 Responses to Review of “Shift Omnibus Edition” by Hugh Howey

  1. If a reader is starting from scratch, should they start with Wool, or with Shift?

  2. Fake Herzog says:

    Have you read any of Mike Flynn’s work? He is a sci-fi writer who tackles big themes and writes smart.

  3. anon says:

    Random: Anton Chekhov scolds us all from 127 years ago (ok, his brother) and tells us how to be civilized.

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