Epic randoms

(Pardon the absence, here’s a huge post to make up for it)

– So are all the countries that are white, racist? Is that how this works?


In the beginning there was Game, and men saw that it was good for getting laid. But then many noticed the apparent contradictions between feminism and Game. And thus the Manosphere was born. The Manosphere collected a deposit of wisdom, which it saw entailed certain political policies over others. The Manosphere developed Masculine Reaction, which the Reactosphere incorporated into itself as but one issue of contention with modernity amongst others.

In other words, the Manosphere forms a subordinate consensus to neoreaction. For those who have no intent beyond understanding women and getting laid, this is all beside the point. But for those willing to go down the rabbit hole, it is always only a few links away.

The fact that there is a deeper reality beyond the Manosphere, at least as an attitude, sparks schism. There are now two different groups within the Manosphere: those who are still only looking after self-improvement and sex, and those who, besides these two things, also rail against the distributed evils of the Cathedral. While both groups are ostensibly agreed on the Manosphere wisdom, they aren’t agreed as to whether the Manosphere ought to fall into such an hierarchy. The parallels to the Catholicism-Orthodoxy schism are worth exploring, at least for ideological analysis.

(The site – and it’s taxonomy – is worth some additional exploring).


Every monster and manboob, every fat feminist and single mom, every quadgender and third world wretched refuse had to be appeased and their crocodile tears dried, and the cause of all their histrionically dramatized hurty — white civilization itself — razed to make room for the glorious vomit of vibrancy that is currently prolapsing the rectum of the historical West.

God looked over all that He had made, and saw that it was good. The leftoid looked over all that his ancestors had made, and saw that it was good enough to squander. And on the eighth day, the leftoid rested his gated community security detail.

(Also worth your time).

– There was a contest for an open borders logo. Sailer archived good entries here, but don’t miss Nick Land and Heartiste. I would have suggested a couple of these maps.


In a democracy, citizens of a territory vote the government into power. Mass immigration as it is currently constructed, that is mass immigration by ethnic groups greatly different from one’s own, means that Western nations are now importing their future rulers. It’s the new colonialism.

– A review of The Five Stages of Collapse.

Immigration facts.

– From my favorite new (unintentional) HBD website: mega-diverse countries, GDP per area, tolerant countries, a genetic map of Europe, and slutty Nordic countries.

On democracy:

The truth is that, right now, the concept of democracy is the central artifact in a grand and elaborate system of propaganda and control, and as such it is your worst enemy, wherever you live.

Sailer reviews Neill Blomkamp, self-recommending.

– Charlton on the troubling acceptability of Eastern Orthodoxy: “Orthodoxy, as it functions in the West, is perceived as being no real threat to the Western Leftist project.”

Jim on the Pope: “There will be people called popes, but they will be megaphones for progressivism, not Roman Catholicism.” Related thoughts from the Avenging Red Hand.

Ron Unz out at American Conservative? I feel that my first response to this was to starting laughing. In related news, here’s Richwine’s response.

Was American prosperity accidental?

– Just when you thought Zimbabwe couldn’t get any more awesome . . .

– I knew Detroit was screwed, but I had no idea things were this bad.

– President plans to help low-skilled people without jobs by importing more low-skilled people with jobs. Remember when economists weren’t retarded?

Maintaining accreditation at historically black universities.

Interview with Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

– We have always been at war with Yemen.

Enjoy the decline.

– Why does this remind me of Incitatus?

– The mainstream Conservative “victory” of welfare reform.

– If you’ve actually read this far, here are Gin rankings and bourbon rankings.

7 Responses to Epic randoms

  1. Bryce Laliberte says:

    Gibson’s is one of the top five? Well I know how I’m making my next g+t.

    • Handle says:

      Besides a classic tonic, I have a few favorite summer gin drinks. In the summer – you can usually substitute gin into cool, sweet drinks that normally use rum. Once upon a time, I once tended bar. Here are three:

      1. The Super-Fresh: Cucumber Gin Mojito: Cucumbers, mint, soda, simply syrup, lime juice. Some people puree or juice either the cucumbers or the mint. I prefer thin slices and a gentle muddling, but to your taste.

      Consider replacing the syrup and soda with tonic or, if the Alpha is strong with you, some lemon-lime or grapefruit-soda for extra freshness.

      High-SWPL version: Consider adding any of the following citrus zest, lemon-basil, some essence of Hibiscus or even a dash of Hops. A martini-strick with olive-sized pieces of green pear also works well. Aromatics Bliss.

      2. Southern Sparkle: Gin, Peach Fresca, with chunks of seedless watermelon and cateloupe. Consider some pink peppercorns. Also, one of the three sticks – cinnamon, sugar cane, or lemongrass.

      3. Black Coquette: Gin, Tonic, muddled blackcurrents, a dash of pomegranate juice (maybe some seeds in the bottom), and a stalk of rhubarb.

      All of these are good ways to get your girl who thinks she doesn’t like gin to perk up, happily astonished, “There’s gin in this? It’s great!” She’ll be on dry martinis by winter. Enjoy!

  2. Handle says:

    As far as Unz and TAC goes, Here’s the original National Review article about the dust-up.

    I’d be happy with TAC having an Unz uber-article every edition. It’s kind of become the Rod Dreher show lately, and his stuff usually isn’t my thing. There’s also smart-but-broken-record Larison and American-Scenester Noah Millman whose stuff I either don’t relate to, or who produces content that I can find identical copies of anytime from Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic or Will Wilkinson at The Economist.

    Look, publishing in this day and age and staying afloat financially is ridiculously, insanely hard. I’d have no idea how to avoid the money pit without a philanthropic patron sugardaddy. It’s mostly millionaire and billionaire vanity-press outlets running their publications at a loss even with donations. I don’t think there are hardly any other Unz’s out there to bail out things like TAC – and that’s depressing.

    Besides the New York Times (top-tier status and last-man-standing of the news-apocalypse), and USA-Today (the traveling everyman’s paper which survives on airport and hotel sales), the only places that seem to actually be able to profit from ads and private, non-institutional subscriptions are business-related – Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and The Economist.

    The space for ‘feasibility’ on the right is limited, and carving out a survivable niche on that already tiny island is a terrific challenge. The ‘serious and respectable’ space is already crowded with National Review, National Journal, City Journal, and the Claremont Review of Books. The ideological-obsession space is owned by the Libertarians.

    I know the list of authors and bloggers which, if they were all brought together every week, I would pay good money to read if they were gated (which says a lot, I rarely shell out for non-book content) – but I can’t say at all whether such a publication could scrape by in the larger market.

    It says a lot that Taki’s and VDare are the only places I can read both Derbyshire and Sailer. If TAC won’t publish them, really, what’s it good for?

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    So are all the countries that are white, racist? Is that how this works?

    I think it was Ramzpaul how pointed out in one of his videos that the anti-racists claim two things.

    a: All whites are racists
    b: Only whites can be racist.

    This logically implies that the set of whites and the set of racists are an identity. Hence, “racist” is simply another word for “white person”.

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