Ranking crimes and racism

While I was gone, a video surfaced of an NFL player saying the N word.

This dumb statement is huge news because the player is white, the word ended with an -er, and sportswriters are the most pussified, politically correct writers in the history of the English (or any other) language. The sports-writing world lost its collective mind.

In this offseason, a lot of NFL players were arrested (poverty apparently doesn’t cause crime). The fact that so many players were arrested allows us to compare how sportswriters view the severity of a racist remark in relation to other crimes.

The only crime (that I can find) that got more mention (based on the number of stories yielded by a news search) than the racist statement was Aaron Hernandez’s murder charge. The following crimes are (by this metric) less noteworthy than a racist statement (the utterance of a word, which I’m sure is never, ever said by anyone else in the NFL): child abuse, gun possession, DUI, drug possession, missing a court date, stealing from a casino, public intoxication, resisting an officer, assault, battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, fighting, solicitation, street racing, and (last but certainly not least) attempted murder.

I think it’s likely that if a lesser player than Aaron Hernandez had committed murder, we probably could have added murder to that list.

Anyway, it’s unclear if the racist player will actually play following his remark. Forgiveness is for real criminals, not necessarily thought criminals, apparently.

27 Responses to Ranking crimes and racism

  1. rightsaidfred says:

    This is just society getting its priorities straight. Thought crimes are worse than physical crimes. Check. Now I know.

    We need a scorecard here. Worst crime possible: White guy molesting an underage transgendered person of color while uttering the n-word. Lowest level of Hell.

  2. Lex Corvus says:

    *its collective mind

  3. SOBL1 says:

    The coincidence I brought up to friends and family was that the same media organs blasting shame and outrage over Cooper were the same organs telling fans that they should stop being racist and accept Michael Vick back just like nothing happened despite drug charges, killing animals, illegal gambling, and lying to authorities and his team.

    I asked Sailer on his theory why sports media is so PC. He said it’s because sports is the realm where race/gender differences are the easiest to see.

    • Handle says:

      It depends on who you are. Consider:

      George Zimmerman is HitlerSatan for having the audacity to save his own life from the deadly pummeling of a bigger and stronger thug criminal who had more African genes than he did. But it was merely one guy.

      Meanwhile, in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has had the NYPD racistly (?) violate the constitutional rights of NYC’s blacks and Hispanics – fully half the population of his citizens. Total number of (documented) probably-cause-less stop and frisks over the last ten years? Around FIVE MILLION, or, on average, on every minute of every day for 10 years.

      Now, it’s true that yielded about 4 good arrests an hour, disarmed the minority gang-bangers, and helped to dramatically lower crime rates, but what’s that compared to levels of discriminatory law enforcement, harassment, and humiliation at an order of magnitude that no Jim Crow booster could ever even fantasize about.

      Well, you all remember how, when the decision came out, the mobs demanded the ouster and arrest of the evil racist oligarch (who we’re supposed to hate anyway because he’s a financial-sector 0.01%’er who once ran and won as a Republican, right?). It was on the front of every paper and web page and the lead story on NPR and the TV networks! Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. It’s already disappeared. “We plan to appeal” … and … Now back to your regularly scheduled Egypt and Syria America-enabled Mideast Revolutionary Chaos reports.

      I joke, of course, since I support the ability of all mayors everywhere to do what the 20 years of Giuliani-Bloomberg policing and law-and-order policies have done for NYC. Get a load of the Alpha Chutzpah on this guy:

      Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg angrily accused the judge of deliberately denying the city “a fair trial” and said the city would file an appeal.

      Striking a defiant tone, Mr. Bloomberg said, “You’re not going to see any change in tactics overnight.” He said he hoped the appeal process would allow the current stop-and-frisk practices to continue through the end of his administration because “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a lot of people dying.”

      As an aside, for those of you who’ve ever read the law, you know how your average SCOTUS opinion of, say, 90 years ago was a few hundred words, maybe a few pages, with the dissent being a mere, “Justice So-and-So Dissents.”? Well, get a look at the 237 pages it takes for Judge Scheindlin to explain what NYC did so horribly wrong in Floyd and Ligon. Jesus Christ! Have some pity for her poor Law Clerk.

      You’d think a simple matter of the rules of search and seizure and what constitutes unlawfully racist discrimination could be detailed and explained in, say, a few dozen pages at most. But all together it’s almost 90,000 words!

      And it’s still obviously absurd. From page 44, ““Furtive Movements” is vague and subjective. In fact, an officer’s
      impression of whether a movement was “furtive” may be affected by unconscious racial biases.”

      Oh brother, here we go. She goes on at length about the effects of unconscious bias. The Cathedral at work – from clever Progressive Intellectual innovation to the Sociology Professor, to the Law Professor, to the Judge to rewriting the Constitution in a few years. There’s this gem:

      Unconscious bias could help explain the otherwise puzzling fact that NYPD officers check “Furtive Movements” in 48% of the stops of blacks and 45% of the stops of Hispanics, but only 40% of the stops of whites. There is no evidence that black people’s movements are objectively more furtive than the movements of white people.

      That’s it? The difference between 48% and 40%? The white rate is fully 83.3% of the black rate – that wouldn’t even qualify under the generous EEOC standard!

      And, ‘there is no evidence …” ? Furtive movements are associated with … being a criminal.

      1. Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.
      2. Suggestive of guilty nervousness.

      Is there ‘no evidence’ that blacks have a higher criminality rate than whites? Would that account for the stunningly huge 48% to 40% disparity?

      No. There is NO evidence. NONE. The science is settled. So is the law.

    • Jeff says:

      Disagree. I think journalists in general are not real bright, and sports journalists are the least bright of the bunch. Unfortunately, their job is to communicate information to their readers, so what you get is a bunch of empty-headed windbags repeating whatever mindless, feel-good mantras society has fed them.

  4. Why does everyone keep saying “the n-word”? Do the blog systems filter out nigger?

    • Callowman says:

      Oh! [Faints dead away.]

    • Handle says:

      In the future, any evidence of once having written that word, even in jest, even as a quote of a news story or a literary analysis of Mark Twain, will be grounds for the Gulag. What do you think we’ll use GTMO for when we let the last terrorist go?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you write “the n-word” then you were thinking The Ultimate Hateword, and off to the gulag with you for your thoughtcrime!

        A racist does not stop being a racist through the use of euphemism.

    • rightsaidfred says:

      Indeed. Probably what the NSA is cataloging at vast expense.

    • Zongo says:

      By saying ‘the n word’ instead of saying ‘nigger,’ people give the word added taboo power. Say ‘nigger’ or don’t refer to the word at all.

  5. asdf says:

    I absolutely love football, but the NFL is becoming a flat out evil organization.

  6. PA says:

    I enjoy football and was a Redskins fan for a long time. But at this point it’s harmful for you to be a fan, especially if you have children. Do you really want them imprinted with your worshipping of Ray Lewis?

    Football is an excellent, fascinating, intellectual sport. Watch a maximum of three games per season. Don’t be emotionally invested in the game’s outcome. And never, ever watch a game on a nice day. You’re supposed to be outside on a nice day.

    • Christopher says:

      > Watch a maximum of three games per season.

      Or how about: get rid of your television and play football yourself.

      Or if that’s not possible: amble on down to the local high school.

  7. VXXC says:

    We may take desacralizing seriously when football is desacralized, and it’s ratings lower than Espiscopal Sunday attendance.

  8. Jeff says:

    Not that I don’t think you have a point here, but I’d point out that there’s a bit of Bonfire of the Vanities thing going on here, too, right? A roided up NFL player beats on somebody, drives drunk, gets busted with weed/coke/a handgun with a shaved serial number? That’s all dog bites man territory. A white player gets drunk and drops an N-bomb in public and it’s on video? Now you’ve got a story!

  9. anti-racist says:

    The reason why People of Color commit such heinous crimes is a DIRECT RESLUT of white society opprressing them.

    Therefore, Riley Cooper’s shameful language is a MUCH WORSE offense then those of the Athletes of Color. Riley Cooper’s words, actions, and privileged mindset (along with the rest of the white patriarchy) is what drives People of Color to forgo their natural inclination of peacefulness and lash out at an unjust social structure.

  10. Alrenous says:

    Juxtaposition preview:

    “Negative affect has long term consequences, duh, but short term no affect is completely intolerable. Observe (start at 25s):

    The temptation is to view the baby as upset, but in fact what he is doing is trying anything to get her attention, including screaming. This is why what he is is frustrated, and why it is called acting out.”

    “This dumb statement is huge news because the player is white […] The following crimes are (by this metric) less noteworthy than a racist statement (the utterance of a word”

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