Conquest’s second law

Gavin McInnes writes good stuff for Taki Magazine. He also seems like a pretty interesting guy.

I watched the Vice series on HBO a couple weeks ago. I’ve seen and enjoyed some Vice videos before, but the HBO series (led by Shane Smith and produced a Bill Maher) is, I hate to say it, gayer than a bag full of dicks.

Episodes included criticizing global warming in the Maldives (thankfully no one was hurt in the filming of that one), gun control in inner-city Chicago, and income inequality in India. Maybe they’ll get around to saving the god-damn whales in the next season. They interviewed a veritable who’s who of Cathedralist thinkers between clips from these locations. Your time would have been better spent reading The Economist – at least you can skim a magazine.

Anyway, if you needed any more proof that everything becomes progressive or that today’s progressivism is profoundly lame and uncreative, there you have it.

13 Responses to Conquest’s second law

  1. P says:

    McInnes’s Tackling Asian Privilege is a perfect satire.

  2. James says:

    It’s interesting that you mention “saving the god-damn whales”.

    I have no professional knowledge of cetaceans, but having idly studied a rather large number of videos involving these creatures in various contexts, I would not hesitate to call them “people”. I would presume that they are highly sentient, and they appear to possess the general intelligence of a three- or four-year-old human. They experience humour, empathy, friendship and loyalty, and are able to cooperate with humans in an active, voluntary way. If you have some spare time, you might find this video interesting and enjoyable.

    My emotional and intellectual response to the slaughter and maltreatment of whales and dolphins, or humans, differs. Nonetheless, there is nothing absurd about “save the whales” on its face. Judged by a straightforward hedonic criterion, which I know is complicated by real politics and society, this is not at all different to “save the god-damn toddlers”.

    What should give the skeptic pause, in particular, is the close resemblance between the ignorance of the crowd that applauds at the end of this video, the bland nonsense spoken by the announcer, and various other kinds of human stupidity. Even if you don’t give a hoot about the welfare of these animals, the flaws that facilitate other instances of banal evil are in evidence. Perhaps humanity can only overcome the flaws that you dislike by first, or simultaneously overcoming certain flaws that you don’t care about.

    • Handle says:

      Sigh. The expression has nothing to do with the merits of encouraging sympathy for charismatic macrofauna marine mammals (although it does tend to implicate the obnoxious new-agey, irrational and dogmatic personalities of the people who are always going on about such things). Read into the text, not just on its surface.

      Try to get the joke. “Saving the god-damn whales” is a kind of abbreviation for the core of old lefty mainstream touchy-feely teer-jerker activist journalism. It’s not like there’s some kind of unmet demand or niche to fill in ‘reporting’ about it. It’s both ancient and completely mainstream. Predictable and Boooooring.

      It clearly means “Vice has lost it’s edge and willingness to push limits” to everyone who hasn’t been living in a cave.

      • James says:

        I understand that Foseti intended “save the whales” to represent an archetypal, stale leftist trope. However, I think that it is a poor example.

        The question is whether one ought to dismiss all leftist causes, on the basis that coincidence and heavily processed good intentions can never cause one of these distributed orders to have a desirable effect.

        I would nominate home education, and the canon of works by such authors as John Gatto and John Holt, as one radical leftist, non-libertarian movement that also happens to be far more accurate and desirable than the mainstream. Now an interesting feature of pro-cetacean activism is that one of the arch-villains, “Sea World”, and the abusive institution of mass schooling are sustained by very similar forms of ignorance. Both are larded with preposterous sentimentality, and exploit the victim’s natural malleability and lack of articulate voice. I perceive a moral resemblance between people like Jean-Michel Cousteau and the advocates of home education. Therefore, I expect there to be an ideological connection between these two kinds of change, whatever form that change might take. This, if not concern for the welfare of a very highly intelligent and attractive species, is a good reason not to refer to “saving the god-damn whales”.

      • Josh says:

        Whales are cool. I like em. They are really big. I,d save em.

      • Alrenous says:

        To be consistent, you either have to be for saving the whales or against saving many humans. I’m having trouble deciding.

        Of course, you can also not be universalist. Killing and/or torturing the whales was not my responsibility, and therefore saving them isn’t either. If someone wants to hire me to manage the oceans or gift me some oceanic terrain, then it’s a different story. Until then…

  3. dearieme says:

    A bit of self-interested reflection suggests to me that “saving the whales” would be wise. I and my descendants will gain nothing by exterminating the whales but might conceivably gain a good deal by preserving them. Of course, if it should ever prove possible to resurrect an extinct species by, say, Genetic Modification of lefties, that might change my calculations.

  4. Red says:

    Vice did some actual hardcore reporting a few years back. I guess someone noticed and “fixed” them.

  5. Scott Locklin says:

    Vice is definitely worse without Gavin’s influence, and much worse now that it is on HBO. I don’t think Smith has any real politics beyond “making lots of money,” so he was no doubt easily swayed by the HBO people to be a lot less punk rock.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Check out the Vice guide to Liberia if you haven’t seen it yet:

  7. VXXC says:

    She can’t get enough play….Central Banking demands collectivism.

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