Reactionary youth. (So does being 32 make me an elder?)


You do not have a relationship to American society, any more than the co-dependent has a relationship to an addict. Once you have that epiphany, then you can either physically emigrate (as I did, but as you probably do not wish to do), or you can “inwardly emigrate.” “Inner emigration” (which Morris Berman calls the “New Monastic Option” and which you refer to as the “Benedict Option”), involves detaching onself, psychologically and emotionally, from the society at large. It means putting up effective firewalls between you and your loved ones, on the one hand, and a decaying and collapsing society on the other.

Please stop trying to save American society. You cannot do it. As Berman said in a recent talk, what we are watching is like an Abrams tank going over the edge of a cliff. You are not going to stop this. You have no influence over the trajectory of that tank, the speed with which it falls, the direction of its fall, or the size of the “moon crater” it will leave when it makes impact.

I would consider moving to Germany or Switzerland if the process could be simplified, citizenship was reasonably attainable, and I wouldn’t get crushed by taxes. I apparently look German enough that everyone one is shocked I’m not German when I’m there. But why try to get high-earning immigrants from developed countries with German ancestry when you can get Turks?

– Don’t miss all the good stuff at Theden.

More regulation for Bitcoin?

Spandrell on power.

Reason takes a break from reported disconnected anecdotes about cops being violent to criticize a cop for citing “disconnected anecdotes about black criminals.” Seriously, for every story at Reason I read about police abuse, I read about three stories like this. Either anecdotes are fine and tell us something or they don’t, you can’t have it both ways.

Outside in: “Your hopes are our horror story.”

– There is no manosphere schism.

Fred Reed: “a man who relies on sobriety to be able to think is an intellectual weakling.”


– The WSJ thinks Obama should follow the Constitution, just like Lincoln. Sigh

Doctors with borders.


17 Responses to Randoms

  1. Glorious says:

    I just like how the folks at Reason refuse to understand the most obvious cause of the police militarization that they decry: the absurdly legalistic civil “rights” pertaining to how the police can relate to individuals.

    By curtailing what I’d call the “less-than-legal” prerogative of the individual and hierarchical policeman, we’ve guaranteed supra-legal oppression by a faceless system. Yes, an individual mustached policeman can’t use his revolver, billyclub, and discretion to boss you about anymore if he doesn’t like the cut of your jib — you’ll sue! You have rights, you know!

    Meanwhile, flying columns of fully riot-suited SWAT members are accidentally shooting people dead all over the place, and Balko bitterly complains that we have rights, you know?

    The cause is obvious. We’re going to have criminals. Society is going to demand that they be dealt with. If we can’t use the fine-grained but occasionally abusive discretion of individual police to suppress the recalcitrant, we’re forced to use the broad and nearly always abusive application of “policy” instead.

    It all harks back to the same silliness of egalitarinism. The libertarians falsely believe we’re all magically the same, and thus if the police are harshing on the usual bad actors, well, they could just as easily harsh on the mild-manner, highly educated and well-dressed, and urbane libertarian (nevermind that the police never do).

    Mad men even lamp-shades this. When Draper is hanging out in the village during a crackdown, he can leave freely during a police crackdown because he is who he is and he’s dressed accordingly. Meanwhile, seasons latter, you see that the people he was hanging out with have indeed fallen into criminal degradation, whereas Draper, however flawed, isn’t remotely in the same category.

    So, it is wrong that the police wouldn’t harass him but they would his no-good bohemian friends? The Libertarian says yes, and I say, enjoy the jackboot. 😛

  2. nickbsteves says:

    Thirty-two is… to old to be any kid of mine.

  3. reakcionar says:

    Why on Earth would anybody want to read Reason?

    It’s like one of those Fast and furious movies. You like fast cars – watch Formula 1 or Nascar. You like hot chicks – watch porn. Why mix both into a 90 minutes pile of boredom?

    Same is with Reason – if you want hip progressive thinking that will help you socialize in 2013., read Salon.com or examine those petitions at Change.org. If you want capitalism, read Mises.org. Why mix it into “I like free markets because they enable me to chat with my gay friends on my iPhone!”

  4. dearieme says:

    “I apparently look German enough that everyone one is shocked I’m not German when I’m there.” For much of Germany that reaction earns a shrug. But if people in Berlin mistake you for a Berliner I’m afraid that means you are ugly.

  5. Scharlach says:

    Someone needs to do an expose on the decline of Reason Magazine. It was never quite reactionary, but in college, I don’t remember it being blatantly left libertarian. They could start publishing Chomsky essays these days. A change in leadership? New editors? What?

    • Handle says:

      I’ve noticed it too – and it’s happening all over the place. Obama’s reelection has been like a shock-annealing earthquake, breaking a lot of fragile, tenuous tethers to righting thought.

    • Foseti says:

      Murray Rothbard predicted the decline of mainstream libertarianism perfectly.

  6. Tarl says:

    Europe: more socialist than us, more demographically doomed than us (fewer whites breeding, lots of non-whites coming in), more knee-jerk PC than us, more disarmed than us, more indebted than us… what’s the point of moving there? Unless you like North Africans more than Mestizos for some reason.

    Plus there is the basic problem of employment once you get there.

    It makes more sense to “emigrate” to one of the whiter, more conservative parts of the USA – e.g., Utah.

    • Foseti says:

      “more socialist than us, more demographically doomed than us (fewer whites breeding, lots of non-whites coming in), more knee-jerk PC than us, more disarmed than us, more indebted than us”

      That’s my impression too. Yet when I’m there, I don’t get that at all. You can openly express un-PC beliefs without excommunication, for example. Immigrants are relegated to the outside of cities, instead of crammed into the middle. Many countries have (relatively) homogenous populations too. Results vary by country, of course.

      • Tarl says:

        I went to Britain last year, and it really gave me the creeps. It seemed “homogenous” all right — homogenously Paki. London was not even recognizable as the same city I first visited in 1990. I did not have occasion to mention my un-PC opinion about this development, but I certainly didn’t want to discuss it with the Hate Police so I kept quiet.

        Auster was right to call the UK “the Isle of the Dead”. Definitely not on the list of places to emigrate to.

      • Foseti says:

        Yes, Britain is bad

      • reakcionar says:

        “You can openly express un-PC beliefs without excommunication, for example. ”

        Which countries exactly are you talking about? Some ex Soviet block countries perhaps, but in the western Europe things don’t seem that shiny.

        You’d probably be surprised to know what a great job Cathedral is doing, even in some places which the westeners think of as romantically backwards.

      • VXXC says:

        France and Germany don’t have anti-majority government.
        England does.

      • Foseti says:

        I’ve had very un-PC discussions in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland – not so much in the UK or the Nordic countries.

  7. VXXC says:

    Don’t miss this gem. The Maine governor notices that Obama hates white people. I don’t think Obama can muster much emotion beyond narcissim, but…it’s true.

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