– “Living law” (HT). It’s nice of National Review to notice this 80 years after it started.

– I’m filing this one away.

Heartiste on randomness.


Don’t interfere. Don’t ‘increase’ or ‘accelerate’ the destruction. That’s not for you to do. Enjoy the decline, but not with the sort of actions that are individually rational, but collectively destructive. Let nature work.

Nature is beautiful, and nature is brutal.

– Chuck Ross on the Oberlin hoax. Could a good journalist come from anywhere but the alt-right these days?

Secession of a sort in Colorado.

– Douthat on the rareness of crime.

Nevada is copying Hawaii. Hopefully Mexico hasn’t figured this out.

Gavin McInnes:

What’s the matter with not being smart? As Hemingway put it, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” Have you ever seen a genius at a water park? He’s miserable. The only time people with an IQ over 120 are really happy is when they’re at work. They’re basically our slaves. Dumb people ride ATVs with their sons, go bungee jumping, and laugh their heads off when somebody farts. Many of them are also rich.

Ed West:

Today, however, we are witnessing the strange death of the middle class. In Britain, as in the United States, it isn’t just being squeezed — it is actually shrinking and sinking. This is the most disturbing social change of our age and will probably dominate your children’s lives.

On libertarianism:

Libertarians are being torn apart from within. Two groups are responsible for this: the libertines and the liberal bigots. ‘Liberal bigots’ is a phrase that I have stolen from Peter Hitchens and I am using it to describe a group within the libertarian movement who are more concerned about being politically correct than defending anybody’s right to discriminate. By libertines, I mean simply those who view libertarianism as a rebellion against tradition, hierarchy, morality and authority and who believe that the best way to achieve libertarianism and the libertarian ends of life, prosperity, cooperation and so on, is to live in communes, engage in ‘free love’, and at every opportunity attack conventional wisdom and morality.

Luck and bullying form Isegoria.

– I strongly support this policy idea from Yglesais. In many cases, churches are the last thing that bring black people back into the city from the suburbs they’ve been gentrified into. It’s time to clear the churches out so we can convert the buildings to condos.

A neoreactionary journal.

15 Responses to Randoms

  1. asdf says:

    Those numbers from Douthat are mind blowing. Its true that I’ve had my car window smashed and stuff like that before, but I’ve never actually seen a person get mugged or otherwise physically harmed and assumed it was far more rarer then that.

  2. VXXC says:

    No crime is pretty common outside of Bubble-dom. those numbers are average. Joe the Plumber will, Yglesias and whatever Kumar pal he’s hanging with basically have to go looking for it.
    “Nature is beautiful, and nature is brutal.” — so do nothing.
    Hmm. Fine. Make sure that’s a consistent policy.

    I don’t think you know what you’re talking about with nature, certainly Gomar doesn’t. The Bubble won’t be there, it will be you and NATURE. As long as you understand…if you don’t peek in a microscope. No bubble. You want the bubble man the ramparts.

    The middle class is disappearing: You’re.Eating.Them.

  3. […] returns nicely tanned and with both kinds of “randoms”. Plus, Bigot or Liar: Pick One. Lying remains popular, but is, we think, trending […]

  4. VXXC says:

    Oh Dear. Ygelsias can be counted on to outrage.

    The only unendurable tax is his presence.

    The only additional taille that needs levying is once each upon their necks.

    We cannot live under the same sky.

  5. Tarl says:

    Have you ever seen a genius at a water park? He’s miserable.

    Well, it ain’t the place itself so much as the other people — the acres of flabby tattooed flesh, the oafish men, the slatternly women, the legions of squalling brats. If I had the park to myself for the day, I could enjoy myself just fine.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I must not be a genius, then

    Oh well

  7. VXXC says:

    We’ve had the rule of geniuses for several decades now, and it’s miserable.

    I believe in Freedom of Association, so the Geniuses are free to build their own private park. As long as the commons don’t have to pay for it.

  8. Dave says:

    As an orthodox Christian, I also agree with Yglesias. 80-90% of the church income tax exemption and property tax exemption goes toward Cathedral-aligned propaganda organs, like the liberal mainline churches.

    Also, my impression of urban black churches is that they are essentially political machines.

    Only the orthodox Christians will survive, and this will be a good thing for the Church.

  9. Bill says:

    I thought the striking thing about that NR piece was that it opened with a favorable cite of Paine, and of Paine saying something characteristically nutty and leftist. But that’s the “right” for you.

  10. Handle says:

    I would agree with Yglesias so long as we just get rid of both the charitable deduction and the non-profit organization altogether. Everybody taxed equally – and everybody can speak their mind without worrying about whether some bureaucrat is going to have use metaphysics to apply scrutiny to the legitimacy of your exempt status.

  11. Handle says:

    My first real post is now up. “Unz Undone”. Hope you enjoy it.

  12. Marc Cabot says:

    While I’ll admit it does seem rarer for high-IQ individuals to be happy, generally speaking, it’s not as uncommon as you might think. I know several who are pretty pleased with their lots in life. As in everything, it’s the whiny ones who get all the attention.

    And, as was pointed out, a great deal of the unhappiness they experience has to do with dealing with neurotypicals. The less of that they have to do, the happier they get.

  13. Alexander Stanislaw says:

    Random curiosity: what system of government do you think is ideal or at least better than what we have now?

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