– It’s not that often that I get to link to a style blog.

What is neoreaction?

– Heartiste on the Cathedral.

– The Legionnaire: “The Manosphere is a starting point, nothing more. This is a truth that more men need to realize.”

– AnomalyUK has a couple posts on Victorian progressivism.

– Yglesias hearts white people.

Diversity is strength.

– Charlton on arguing with progressives.

– There’s no way I’m not linking to a post with this title.

4 Responses to Randoms

  1. VXXC says:

    Ygelsias–“In Europe, too, living standards would rise if it were easier for Portugese people to move to Denmark. But to achieve that they would need some kind of magic wand that caused Portugese people to speak Danish. Changing zoning codes is politically challenging, but much more feasible than that.”

    DC’s zoning out his muggers. Including the elderly, disabled ones who can’t pay their property taxes, which are sold to developers who tax on 3700% interest, wiping them out.

    Denmark doesn’t allow in non-Danes except to visit.

    I love the idea of Portugal forced busing to Nordic Countries though.

    I think forced busing from Prog neighborhoods to include private schools to non-privileged schools is an excellent idea whose time has come.

  2. Porphy's Attorney says:

    I think forcable integration of Prog neighborhoods with their wonderfully diverse votebank clientella through mandating that their gated communities be studded with “Section 8 Housing” is also an idea whose time has come.

    They cannot have a principled objection, since they’re for doing just that to Vaisya ‘hoods.

    I also think that a suitably diverse undocumented family should squat in a (however temporarily) unoccupied room on Brian Caplan’s house, thus increasing average social welfare. But that last one might just remain a dream of mine.

  3. ve says:

    Reading muslim poem on 9/11 while neglecting pledge of allegiance? Education accomplished.

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