November 13, 2013

– A talk on exit. And some additional thoughts.

– Don’t miss Radish’s excellent graphic and analysis.

– Handle on Sunstein on Hiss. You can basically use Hiss’s Wikipedia page as a stand-alone argument that America is a Communist country.

– An interview with Jean Raspail.

– Fred Reed on school. And again.


Writers who call for a return to Christianity always seem to mean some sort of specific, minor, and eccentric form of the religion that very few people actually adhere to. I’d say that the above writer is actually in the mainstream, and organized Christianity is actively promoting the downfall of the West.

– Healthcare and the Deep State. Related thoughts from Handle.

– The Daily Caller on neoreaction (HT. Bryce Laliberteon formalism. And neoreaction in a sentence.

The Making of the Professoriate.

IQ by state. Nations of North America. Smart fraction by country. Income segregation in the US.

– Has China been exporting its underclass?

Politics and HBD.

– If nothing else, this stuff will be fun to watch. “He was apparently new to the decadent world of lesbian reproduction.”

– Dalrymple discovers anarcho-tyranny.