The Tea Party gets pwned

The “crown prince of the Tea Party” is about to accomplish something great . . . comprehensive immigration reform.

So much for the idea that people can rise up and change anything (of course, they can always make things more progressive, but that’s not what the Tea Party had in mind).

A movement that started with the goals of reducing the size of government and restoring Constitutional order has been co-opted into importing an underclass that will shift the governing paradigm significantly leftwards and create even more ethnic strife. Congratulations Tea Party!

It’s rather astonishing to reflect upon how quickly the movement was turned into something to further progressive ends. Most of those in the movement still seem to have no clue.

If you still think that progressive forms or protest and organization can work against progressivism, you’re hopeless.

Now that we’ve had yet another demonstration of the complete failure of this strategy, perhaps we can move on.

Start by reading Nick Land and Nick B. Steves:

A gentler introduction is the Reactionary Methadone Clinic:

* First and foremost, foreswear politics… it is the very poison to which we were all born addicted.

* Foreswear activism… it is the occult power upon which the Cathedral’s engines run.

* Foreswear voice in all matters of not immediate objective concern to you or your family.

* Become worthy… live the best life you can for you and your family. Stop being a busybody. Be as wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.

* Love your own particularity… If you don’t have one? Find one! You’ll quickly see how toxic the Cathedral’s many potions are.

* Foreswear trying to force facts into preconceived ideological boxes—odds are that it is the boxes that are the problem. Love the truth where it may be found, whatever it may be.

*Read and listen to the Resartus when it comes.


22 Responses to The Tea Party gets pwned

  1. rightsaidfred says:

    As the evidence accumulates, posts like this are proved more and more relevant.

  2. It’s rather astonishing to reflect upon how quickly the movement was turned into something to further progressive ends. Most of those in the movement still seem to have no clue.

    One of the more sinister features of conserving movements within demotic polities is how many of the people who initially sign up for the Platform, eventually get caught up in the Team… or the Team Leader as the case may be.

    I remember I had a conversation in the during the Iran-Contra fallout with a very Godly older lady, low church fundamentalist pastor’s wife. I was expressing my doubts about the suitability of Oliver North as “my” (1988 LU) commencement speaker… how it was quite clear he, in the realpolitik of the day had no trouble lying under oath and what not… (I was a budding leftist at the time…)

    But Ollie North was one of “us”, or so he must have been to this (otherwise dear and godly) woman. She would have none of it. Grasping for straws, and in true fundamentalist fashion always grasping for the Bible, she pointed out the Rahab the Harlot had lied to Canaanites to protect the Israelite spies. Yeah, I suppose that works…

    • Scrutineer says:

      I had a similar conversation with some North campaign workers in ’94. They cheerfully defended his perjury on the grounds that congressional democrats were contemptible and deserved to be lied to.

      • Anonymous says:

        the grounds that congressional democrats were contemptible and deserved to be lied to.


    • dearieme says:

      Nowadays many archaeologists and historians have concluded that Israelites were just a cult group within the Canaanites anyway. No doubt that holds a lesson for us all.

  3. jamzw says:

    Those understandings were first articulated approximately 21 centuries ago, then consumed by an earlier cathedral.

  4. […] that the Tea Party is on the brink of its first great achievement: Population replacement of whites by a voting majority of mestizos on welfare. (The two thousand page amnesty law, which we have to pass to learn what is in it, is being written […]

  5. Chevalier de Johnstone says:

    You don’t appear to understand what a “Tea Party” is. (In telling you that you don’t seem know what you are talking about, I don’t mean to be insulting. It is simply that you have been misinformed, and I trust you will want to correct the misinformation you have received.)

    The people saying that Rubio is a “crown prince” of “the” Tea Party are 1) the WaPo and 2) a British news rag. Progressives.

    Tea Partiers are just people who decided to become active in their local communities, including the political lives of their local communities. There is no “the” Tea Party, there are hundreds of local organizations defined, in part, by their lack of national leadership or affiliation. (For some this local independence is specifically mandated by their bylaws.)
    Those who claim to be part of or to represent a national “Tea Party” are talking about something else entirely. Few if any local groups have any national affiliation.
    Members of local Tea Party organizations have their individual opinions of Rubio or any other national-level politician, but outside of Florida few groups have any specific connection with Rubio. Most Tea Party groups focus on making sure the local district doesn’t decide to take out a $100 million bond to buy hijabs for girls to wear at school. They are local groups concerned about local issues. They are not “protest groups”, they are “community organizers”. They don’t stand around on the Washington Mall decrying the horrible mess the USG is making of the country, they stand up in local zoning board hearings decrying the mess the mayor’s cousin’s contracting firm made of the park next to the library. Those people you saw on TV waving flags and wearing tricorner hats may have been “Tea Party members,” but that is not “the” Tea Party.

    Correct if I’m wrong, but you don’t seem to have ever spoken to a member of your local Tea Party organization nor to have attended a local event. Your information, based on which you equate Tea Partiers as progressive and name Rubio as the “crown prince”, appears to come from progressive-biased mass media sources and blog-based hearsay.
    Rubio is a national-level Republican politician and represents the moneyed interests of the Republican Party and, to some extent, Florida voters. This is not necessarily representative of, say, the Huntsville Tea Party Movement.

    A quick rule of thumb is that if you see an affiliation with “Tea Party Patriots” or some other national group, you’re looking at a fundraising front and not a real Tea Party organization.

    The fact that you are wrong does not serve as an apology for any tea party organization, which may well be full of progressively-minded populist hacks, but if they happen to have something in common with Marco Rubio, this does not mean he represents them in any way.

    • Foseti says:

      You may have encapsulated my post perfectly in two sentences when you said:

      “The people saying that Rubio is a “crown prince” of “the” Tea Party are 1) the WaPo and 2) a British news rag. Progressives.

      “Tea Partiers are just people who decided to become active in their local communities, including the political lives of their local communities.”

      The problem, of course, is that you’re the one that doesn’t understand what the Tea Party (and all forms of such activism) *really* is.

      The process you describe is a decent (if totally incomplete) description of how the Tea Party was co-opted. The co-option was entirely predictable – indeed, it could have been no other way. And this is the root of the problem. At a certain people, when people embark on a course of action that leads to entirely predictable results they’re to blame for the results, even if the results are different than those they publicly state.

      (Alas, I must confess that in my blue pill days, I attend a Tea Party rally or two).

  6. asdf says:

    Is being a disengaged careerist really the path to reactionary outcomes? Doesn’t seem like it.

    • Handle says:

      Well, what grand strategy would you propose? American Revolution 2? Is there some event in the post-modern era (since WWII) the results of which you can point us to to as a model of what you’d like to achieve and how it can be done?

      Personally, I want to live in a post-politicized / de-utopianized / de-activist / de-agitated society. That requires the mass of people to abandon the progressive mindset – the intellectual environment in which we all were marinated from birth and which still stains much of our thought patterns. Including the pattern where we all organize a movement, take to the streets, protest or something, and get some result – just like The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street. See the joke? It’s a mind virus.

      If we want mass immunization, then that requires modeling an example of how to live that way, which requires actually discovering how to live in that post-universalist manner – and living it well. And when you’re born and raised progressive – that takes a good amount of mental and spiritual discipline.

      This is basically the Mormon strategy. You don’t just go around saying, “Hey, this world is being run on the basis of insane and destructive ideas and we’ve got this other set of ideas about how to live life.” You actually cleanse yourself of the old ideas and really live the new ones, and show other people it can be done, how it’s done, and how beneficial it is in the various ways they care about: Happiness, Community, Orderly Family Life, Minimal Social Pathology, etc.

      All we’ve got to point to is Singapore. When I point to it, most people immediately dismiss it, “Well, that’s too different from Western Countries, nothing that happens there can possibly apply here.” So it starts with ourselves.

      • asdf says:

        Whether you are active or not, things still happen. If voter turnout is 1%, people will still be elected, they will still pass laws, and police will still enforce them because they are getting paid. They will invent reasons why they do what they do to get paid, and other people getting paid (progressive opinion makers) will produce those opinions. And people getting the shaft by them will buy into those theories if for no other reason then its going to happen anyway so you might as well put a good spin on it.

        Theoretical “reactionary living” is just that. Theoretical. If push comes to shove, if it comes time to actually do anything, that is a bridge to far. Cathedral objectives are what happens by default. When disengaged people simply do whatever advances their interests they do whatever supports the ruling order. Worse, anyone who really believe the highest objective is the, “immediate objective concern to you or your family,” basically has to become a progressive, because that is where the power is and being powerful is good for you and your family, no matter the evil you do.

        I don’t think there is a good solution. Its probably just time for a fall. However, I can guarantee that complaining on blogs while doing whatever you can to get ahead including betraying everything you talk about on your blog when it matters isn’t going to change anything.

      • If voter turnout was 1% Cathedral legitimacy would vanish in an instant, Journalists and Profs would self-immolate over the guilt, and the reboot would already be underway.

      • Reactionary living is not theoretical. That’s just bullshit. Find a reactionary and see how he lives. It is natural, and a natural good, to utilize the power that you have (from Nature or Nature’s God or both) to look after yourself and those who, by their nature, depend on you. It is not natural to go about meddling in every one else’s affairs… to be, as it were, holier than thou (for expansively large values of both)… The current regime demands the latter as an occult form of allegiance, at least to vote, but definitely rewards you with extra status points to be an “informed” and “conscientious” voter (or, failing that, a member of a favored class of persons). But the system does everything in its power to make sure you ignore the former… because natural particularities, natural human relationships, natural hierarchies are sand in the gears of the Cathedral’s monstrous machine.

      • asdf says:

        “Cathedral legitimacy would vanish”

        Congresses approval rate had been under 20% for some time. Most of are leading institutions already lack legitimacy. Has it stopped them?

        “Journalists and Profs would self-immolate over the guilt”

        Are they doing it now?

        They are careerists. They will go on doing what they do as long as it enhances there status. The North Korean regime lacks legitimacy, yet every single person in that society would climb the status ladder of the party if they could.

        “Find a reactionary and see how he lives.”

        By that token, most people on this blog, including the site sponsor, would not qualify. Who here doesn’t draw their check from a Cathedral or Cathedral backed institution? Who here doesn’t keep their mouth shut and say the right platitudes when called on at the diversity seminar at work? Who here wouldn’t sell out all of their beliefs and swear allegiance to anything the Cathedral wanted if it advanced their own interests or they felt threatened?

        What anti-reactionary things do you do each day either actively or by omission? What Cathedral institutions are you supporting with your labor?

        What are you hoping happens? Some smart people in government read a blog, decide that a different way of doing things might be better in the abstract for some strangers or “society”, and then do what exactly? What do they do? Look, I’ve been in situations where real good can be done and the path is clear. You know what most people do? They tell you that your totally right in everything your saying, but they just want to look out for themselves and don’t care enough to stick their neck out. And things will just keep going on the way they are, no matter how crazy, incompetent, or illegitimate they are.

        Knowledge of reactionary ideas is already out there. Everyone gets blacks are dumb. Everyone gets democracy has problems. Everyone gets the government and elites are crooks. There is no shortage of knowledge, there is a shortage of will to do anything about it. People can’t even work up the will to simply state the truth in their daily lives.

      • Asdf, you have things exactly the wrong way around. The very existence of approval ratings, that they matter at all, is the source of legitimacy. Not for congress per se, but for the Cathedral, which is the consent manufacturing arm of modern life. Who do you think calculates the approval ratings? Their very existence proves democracy works… and it’s here to work for you! That is the exact opposite of what a 1% voter turnout implies: proof that the entire system has lost the confidence of almost everyone… that it cannot produce an outcome that more than 1% of the people find acceptable.

        As for the rest, you seem to insist on a standard of reactionary purity that is rather divorced from the necessities of life. You first… but then don’t brag about it.

  7. Red says:

    It seems that the only type of party the cathedral can’t corrupt are the Nazi’s. The future is going to be full of parties like the golden dawn and the EDL.

    • fnn says:

      Jobbik is far better example of the phenomenon you’re describing than the pro-multiracialist yob-chav-soccer hooligan EDL.

      Anti-black seems to be the big taboo in UK. Here’s a fascinating article showing how widespread truly virulent Jew hatred is in that same country:

      • fnn says:

        To prevent confusion, let me point out that the link is to the site of a left-liberal self-described Holocaust Denier who thinks the article that he is reposting is “rubbish.” Most it seems fairly convincing to me.

      • graaaaaagh says:

        Lol, Jobbik? Anglophone ignorance (i.e. the impact of the Cathedral’s infoselectivity) really is immense. Fidesz, my friend, Fidesz.

        Hungary has a new constitution thanks to them – so of course they went on about Jobbik instead.

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  9. VXXC says:

    Bravo ADSF. We are counseled to do nothing but complain on a blog under an alias while drawing a paycheck from that which you purport to despise. The Cathedral and Progressives ACT. That’s how they got into power. The necessities of life can be found elsewhere, I for instance don’t draw a Cathedral paycheck. If you want change you must change things..and you must embrace the seeming anathema of risk.

    If you want to live a virtuous personal life that’s wonderful, but that’s hardly the subject for a political blog. “Everyone Fix Themselves” won’t work when those in power want every cent we’ve got [need it in fact] and want to scan and map every detail of our lives.

    Foesti –confusing the Tea Partiers with Progressives…do you ever get out of the Bubble? Rubio is selling out, the reason is the Republicans are finished. The Repubs are finished because WHITES have stopped voting for them, this is their last dirty deal.

    You are describing DC politics, where it does seem possible to create enough media hype to convince those in the Bubble this is what the country and the Party is crying out for, see Campaign Finance Reform. The polls indicate the country HATES this Immigration Bill. However as we have seen the elites could care less what the serfs think.

    The Republican Establishment would not be conflated with the Tea Party by someone in touch with reality. They’re at daggers drawn from the first brewing. The Republicans are making their last dirty deal since whites aren’t voting for them, they’re finished as a party.

    I must say it seems madness to me to do away with the pretense of an opposition, as the Dems are doing, leaving the Majority of the country formally without representation. I quite accept that the Constitution has been suspended since the New Deal State of Emergency and that March 1st, 1933 was the end of Democracy in America. But to formally give the Majority no representation at the same time it is arming itself in a race with the State…madness…

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