Cromwell shall not have a statue

One of the best short books (it’s actually a speech) on the Civil War is Shall Cromwell Have a Statue by Charles Francis Adams.

In the speech, Adams, who fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union, argues that there should be a statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia overlooking the Potomac.

Alas, time apparently makes some wounds more grievous. Still, it’s weird that today’s mainstream is more virulently anti-Confederacy than a dude that actually fought the Confederacy, no?

6 Responses to Cromwell shall not have a statue

  1. dave says:

    Recently visited London and was shocked to see a statue of Cromwell right next to Parliament.

    I did not expect that. A statue to Lee makes more sense, people acutally respected him.

  2. James James says:

    If I ran the Tory party, I would put the melting down of that statue in the next manifesto.

    • I am not... says:

      There are plenty of pro-Cromwell Tories – e.g. Daniel Hannan has explicitly described himself as such. Matthew Paris described Thatcher as such too.

      • James James says:

        Yes, Hannan is an extreme democrat. Partly he thinks it is a tool to defeat the Left (he is wrong), partly he really believes in it (he is wrong).

        Very sound on everything else though.

  3. formerly no name says:

    There are statues of Roger Taney in Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore and on the grounds of the Maryland State House:

  4. james wilson says:

    Not only Charles, but his more famous brother, Henry, came to openly regret their opinions on the war, and the equality of man. In their old age especially, they were not alone in these changed beliefs among their contemporaries.

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