– "Mitt Romney has 0 percent of the black vote. If you find this deeply disturbing, as opposed to hysterical, you are lame." Here

Half Sigma vs Yglesias on poor people. The "professional economist" is the one who wants to subsidize poverty. What could possibly go wrong with the latter’s plan to give money to people who are bad with money?

WRM on the racial bargain.

– “If it’s the last thing I do," she told the Post Star, "I will see him die.” Good luck.

Credit ratings are racist. So is quantitative easing. So is sleep. So is Bill Nye.

9 Responses to Randoms

  1. redneck01 says:

    The right wing free market/landed gentry party in the Northern Territory of Australia managed to get a substantial black underclass vote by cashing in on hostility between the under class and the diversocracy. Seems that blacks on welfare resented being despised by people cashing in very profitably on claims of being one thirty second black to get well paid left wing governmental and quasi governmental sinecures.

    No one seems to be cashing in on the fact that Obama has both black characteristics and born-to-privilege characteristics, and pretty clearly despises most of the people who vote for him.

  2. dearieme says:

    The Abos in Oz don’t fill quite the same niche in society as the Blacks in the USA.

  3. Matt says:

    I saw on MSNBC a poll that said Romney has 0% of the black vote. But it had a margin of error of +-9%. I’m no statistician, but I think that poll was handpicked.

  4. cassander says:

    Compared to the rest of the vast panoply of progressive efforts, giving poor people money is probably the least harmful and least expensive in the long run. The government is going to spend 3 trillion dollars on non-defense things next year. Do you really think we’re getting a better deal now than if we just mailed everyone a check for 10 grand?

  5. anomalyuk says:

    I have no problem with evolution, but I’d rather bring my kids up to be Scientologists or Branch Davidians than to be “scientifically literate voters and taxpayers”. That’s why the likes of Bill Nye scare me more than Creationists do. Better to live for an imaginary God than for an all-too-real State.

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